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Traveling Sa Pa with the sharing experiences of the backpackers

Traveling Sa Pa with the travel experience of the backpackers

7 – 10 km surrounding Sapa town is a series of eye – catching and beautiful places that you should come over. Let’s have a look at the experience of those who have visited Sa Pa to help you have great trips when traveling.

From Lao Cai to Sa Pa, you can start to explore the tourist attractions after settling down your stay in Sa Pa. You should eat in Lao Cai in the morning and have lunch in Sa Pa, spend time for taking pictures, enjoying coffee, walking on street. In the afternoon, it is time to go around the town to see famous landmarks such as Stone Church, Sa Pa Market and then to the Food Section. You can also go to Ham Rong if there is time on that day or for the next day.

In order to visit all the villages around Sa Pa town such as Cat Cat, Ta Phin villages… then if you visit O Quy Ho Pass, Silver waterfall or Love Lake, you need to move by renting a car with appropriate seaters. Located 2-3 km from Sapa town, Cat Cat is one of the most popular destinations that appears to both domestic and foreign tourists.

Cat Cat village – Sapa

Bac waterfall (Silver waterfall) is Located right on the highway 4D from Lao Cai city to Sa Pa to Lai Chau. This Waterfall is quite large and is considered one of the most beautiful places in Sa Pa with majestic scenery.

Bac waterfall – Sapa

Fansipan mountain is a worth visiting destination if you and your friends have arrived in Sa Pa. From Thac Bac, you go for a short distance to Tram Ton – from here leads up to the top of Hoang Lien Son – the highest mountain in the Fansipan range with a height of 4000 meters. For those who do not have much time but want to have the feeling of “conquer” this roof of Southeast Asia, the cable car is the best choice. You can go and return, contemplate the whole scene of the Northwest forest.

Fansipan Mountain Sapa

the Love Waterfall is located in the area of Tram Tau – Xe Mountain which belongs to San Tu Ho commune and Sa Pa town about 15 km on the 4D highway . In summer, people can freely take pictures and take a cool shower.

Love waterfall – Sapa

Those are some suggestions about a series of famous landscapes to help to visit Sa Pa. Depending on each group, person’s schedule, you can select different places. Hopefully, with this sharing, your trip to Sapa will be very convenient and fun.



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