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Where travelers buy ticket to Sapa?

Where travelers buy ticket to Sapa?

You are planning to travel Sapa but you still do not know where to buy tickets to Sapa? Do not worry, because this article will share to you some experience of buying tickets to travel Sapa in a detailed and adequate way.

How to get to Sapa?

Not only is Sapa attracted tourists by the mysterious beauty of the mountains and forests of the Northwest or temperate climate, but also because of the unique culture and attractive cuisine. In order to get to Sapa, tourists have many different choices such as by bike, train, and bus or use car rental service. Depending on the needs as well as the financial conditions, when choosing the mean of transportation, you should pay attention to safety throughout the journey.

Accordingly, if you want to be active about time, you can travel to Sapa by motorbike. Also, if you want to save money and easily travel between tourist spots in Sapa, you should choose normal motorbike and of course carefully check the vehicle to ensure stable operation, typically paying special attention to brakes, preparing gas bottles to avoid running out of gasoline on the way. In addition, you should carefully search for the roads for safety and convenience.

If you travel by bus, coach and train, you should set the plan early; avoid peak occasions to prevent overload, cram guests or high fare. It is best to contact HANOI TRAVEL BUS booking service to Sapa to ensure the best price and the best car. In addition, you can also rent a car as it is comfortable, active and safe. If you go in groups, the price is definitely cheaper than buying train tickets, bus tickets.

Booking bus to Sapa with Hanoi travel bus

With many years of experience in the field of tourism about the tours and car rental services to the famous landmarks such as Ha Long, Cat Ba, Mai Chau, Moc Chau …and Sapa, HANOI TRAVEL BUS is one of the prestige companies providing bus services to Sapa for tourists today.

Particularly, visitors can be assured about the price and quality of the car when   using the services of Hanoi travel bus, by competitive prices, modern car quality, serving the needs of travelers perfectly. You will not have to buy tickets at the bus station or have to sit on the car too long to wait for the car to catch enough guests for the trip, what you need to do is a call for Hanoi travel bus, then you can already book tickets to Sapa, therefore you can save both time and effort.

The advantage of using services of HANOI TRAVEL BUS is that we connects with many high quality coaches running to Sapa with many years of experience and always receives good feedback from customers. Cars are proven to have high quality as well as professional service style.

Additionally, HANOI TRAVEL BUS also offers car rental services for groups of friends or family in several days with high-level experience driving team who are familiar with routes to serve guests perfect trips on the way  as well as to meet the diverse needs of visitors.

Instead of standing several hours at the ticket counter to buy tickets without being sure that you can get the tickets or not, you just need to pick up your phone and call 0169 710 3878 for booking ticket to Sapa or other destinations as required.




Hotline: 0169 710 3878 – 0165 204 2878

Email: info@hanoitravelbus.com

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