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Why should we travel to Moc Chau in this May? What are special things about Moc Chau?

What are special things about Moc Chau in this May? When the May comes, Mộc Châu is full of splendid flowers which looks like a white snow paradise with the fragrant aroma of plum flowers. So, you will definitely have interesting experiences here. Mộc Châu is always the attractive tourist destination of Vietnam, when it comes to Moc Chau, people often consider it as the paradise of flowers. Coming here during this time, you can contemplate colorful flower fields as well as endless green hills of tea. Along with Hanoi Travel bus  discover amazing experiences in Moc Chau this May.

1. Discovering the green hill tea

Moc Chau tea hill

In May, Moc Chau looks like a colorful picture with endless green hills of tea. The time to collect tea in Moc Chau plateau is from the beginning of April until the end of June. Tea is grown ơn the S shaped form in Mộc Châu farm and the heart shape tea hill leads to Ngu Dong Ban On. Here, tourists can enjoy the dynamic and strong beauty of green hills of tea.

1. Collect Moc Chau plum

Plum tree in Moc Chau

May is also the time of red plum and peaches. Tourists are always attracted by this in this time. You can see there are a lot of plum in the town farm and Tan Lap commune. The harvest of plum usually lasts from April until May, if the weather is warm, people can collect them from March. This will be an exciting trip as you can collect aromatic and yummy plum by yourself or eat on the farm. 1. Contemplate Dai Yem waterfall

Dai Yem waterfall in Moc Chau

Dai Yem waterfall is the ideal place for those who are a big fan of nature. Another name for it is Nàng waterfall (lady waterfall) or Ban Vat waterfall. You can see the elegant and winding of the waterfall from the far distance, it looks like this waterfall is cutting Moc Chau according to horizontal direction. May is the best time to visit here as you can see the flow of water falling from the 70m high down which is extremely gorgeous. 4. Visit pine forest in Áng village

Pine forest in Áng village – Moc Chau

This is the wonderful place for those who like the freedom as they can enjoy airy and open space. Coming to Ang village, you can watch traditional stilt houses with hundred years old and bushy green pine forest. Additionally, man-made lakes with clean blue water are super splendid which appears to a lot of visitors to come. Visiting the pine forest in Ang village, you will have the feeling that you are taking for a walk in the pine forest in Da Lat, that is the reason why people say that Moc Chau is Da Lat of the Northwest region in Vietnam. The road leads you into Ang village is the endless terraced fields, therefore if you go here in May, you will see Ang village in its yellow color of ripe rice fields on the spacious terraced fields.



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