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Travel experiences to Sapa by motorbike

  1. Travel experiences to Sapa by motorbike

Sapa travel by motorbike with the advantage of cost savings, active scheduling and easy to enjoy the wild nature of the mountains and forests of the Northwest is the choice of many people. If you are intending to explore this beautiful land on a motorcycle, do not forget to pocket the extremely useful experience in this article!

  • The ideal time to travel Sapa

Sapa has always been an attractive destination for those who want to leave the hustle and bustle of city and enjoy peace, with traditional values. The sceneries here are so marvelously beautiful that no poetry could describe. Those are the high mountains and the terraced rice fields, the farmers working in the fields or the children playing on the grass … hidden in the mist that makes Sapa  a mysterious beauty that every guest is eager to discover.

Each time, Sapa has a different beauty, but in the experience of the players, the best time to conquer the famous place by motorcycle is from March to May and from September to November.

From that, travel to Sapa during the period from March to May, visitors will be enjoyed a picture of natural beauty with blooming flowers, as the unique features of the green mountains. . Not only that, you will have the opportunity to participate in traditional cultural activities of ethnic minorities, the fair markets, the spring festival with the unique folk games of the Northwest region.

If you come to Sapa in September to November, you will be admiring the beautiful sceneries of the golden rice terraces on the ripe rice season, to feel the difference of the cold in the mist town. This is also the time when visitors to Sapa most crowded in the year, among which many photographers visit to record the most beautiful images.

2. What do you need to notice when traveling to Sapa with a motorbike?

According to the share of the skilled “motorbike travellers”,  when planning to explore the town of mist by motorcycle, visitors should pay attention to some of the following:

– Calculate the amount of clothes you would like to stay in Sapa. Do not bring too much baggage because the baggage will make the move difficult and more dangerous.

– If traveling Sapa in the summer, you should wear cool clothes but still need to add thin jacket because the night temperature can reduce quite low. If you go in winter, you should wear a thick jacket, with a hat, socks, gloves, shawls … to prevent frosts, colds.

– Wear sports shoes or climbing shoes instead of sandals or high heels if you do not want to end your journey in anticipation of your leg pain.

– Do not carry too much cash when traveling by bike. Sapa town is quite modern and you can completely withdraw money if you need to spend.

– Bring identification

– Check the vehicle carefully, ensure the vehicle is operating well, especially the brakes.

– Traveling by motorbike to Sapa or mountainous provinces, you should give priority to the motorbike not using gas and large motorcycles

For those who first travel Sapa should go in groups with the professional players or contact Sapa tour of the service companies to ensure safety. Once you have the experience, you can plan for yourself later. In fact, there are now many cheaper Tours than traveling by motorbike.



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