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transportation to Ha Giang

How long take from hanoi to ha giang

First route: only for vehicles

– Depart from Hanoi through Thang Long Bridge. Take direction of expressway DTC05-> Highway 2B. At the intersection between National Highway 2B and Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway, turn back to follow Highway 2B -> Highway 2C (in Tuyen Quang City). After coming to Tuyen Quang city, you follow Highway to Ha Giang city.

Second route: for motorbikes and cars

– Departure from Hanoi center to Lang – Hoa Lac -> Thang Long Avenue. Then follow Highway 21 to Son Tay. From Tay Son -> Trung Ha bridge -> Co Tiet-> Phong Chau bridge – take the road 32 to Phu Tho province,  you turn left into Highway 2 -> Roundabout National Highway 2C (in Tuyen Quang province). After coming to Tuyen Quang city, you follow Highway 2 to Ha Giang city.

It takes about 8-10 hours from Hanoi to Ha Giang

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  • Sleeper bus to ha giang from hanoi

Price :13 USD /single trip

25 USD /round trip

Time table :From Ha Noi to Ha Giang  :  6:00 pm

From Ha Giang– Hanoi     : 7:30 pm

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  • Luxury Van

Price :23 USD /single trip

42 USD /single trip

Time table :From Ha Noi to Ha Giang  :  8:00 am

From Ha Giang– Hanoi     : 7:30 pm

Time table :

From Ha Noi to Ha Giang  :  6:00 pm

From Ha Giang– Hanoi     : 7:30 pm

  • Private Car

We have some types of car: from 4 seat to 39 seat- car, available 24/7. You can request any time, suitable for family and group trips.

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How do you go to Ha Giang?

– Ha Noi to ha Giang by bus

From Hanoi, you should take the night bus from Ha Noi – Ha Giang, departing from My Dinh bus station at 9:00 pm and arrive Ha Giang at 5:00 am  (high-class bus, contact booking by phone. Some reliable bus companies: Bang Phan, Hung Thanh, Hai Van …). Price from 260,000 to 300,000 VND / person.

From Saigon, based on departure time in Hanoi to book airfare from Saigon to Hanoi (flight time is about 2 hours). The pick- up location of the bus is more than 1km from Noi Bai airport, at the turn in Highway 2 – Hanoi to Ha Giang. After arriving Ha Giang, take the local bus to move among locations or rent a motorbike to travel.

– Renting motorbikes from Hanoi to Ha Giang

– From Hanoi to Ha Giang is about 300km, takes 8 hours to ride a motorbike, it depends on the speed as well as the members of the delegation. When travelling by motorbike in Ha Giang, you need to plan 3 days 2 nights to explore the beautiful scenery in this majestic mountainous area.

– Private car rental, delegation-

– With Ha Giang tour

– Tour program 3 days 2 nights,

Why should you go to Ha Giang once in your life?

Where is Ha Giang ?

Which season is the best in ha giang

You can travel to Ha Giang in any season of the year, because only the Highland stone is enough to attract you to visit. Some beautiful time in the year:

January is the colorful month with peach blossom, plum blossom, yellow broccoli.

Spring arrives, everywhere from Quan Ba (Quyet Tien, Minh Tan), Yen Minh (Lao Va Chai, Na Khe, Bach Dich), Dong Van (Pho  Bang, Pho Cao, Sung La, Sa Phin, Thai Phin Tung) Meo Vac (everywhere is peach, plum, and blooming broccoli flower) along with the black rock of the plateau, with the folds of the walls.

April with Khau Vai  Love Market

Every 27th  March lunar year, from all the road on the high mountains, the local people in ethnic costumes rush down the market, to participate in Khau Vai love market which happens once a year.

May with rice planting season

During the rice planting season, most of  North West area,  the rice fields are planted during  May-June, few places in July, some plots could accumulate water from April; But the most beautiful moment is the time still partly planting, about May to June.

September, October with ripe rice season

The ripe season usually begins in late September and early October. When the terraced rice field turn into yellow, the magnificent scenery of the mountain forest once more renovated.

November with Tam Giac Mach flower.

Tam Giac Mach, the typical flowers of the Ha Giang stone plateau with tiny,pink purple flowers attracting those who love flowers and photography. The land of Ha Giang with gray stone of the mountain and the pink colour of Tam Giac Mach flower. The cool gray color of the mind and the magical pink of the dream. The contrast is absolutely harmony in a whole … create the unparalleled beauty of Ha Giang.

December with snow

In the area of Meo Vac district, Dong Van stone plateau, many places have snow white in the end of December, curious visitors from many places have been fortunate to enjoy the unique scene in the year.

Cost for a trip

Highlights of Ha Giang

  • Dong Van Plateau – a mysterious grey stone

The first wonder is Dong Van stone plateau, which creates a gray stone scenary, where people “live in stone, die in stone” extremely special for Ha Giang. Ha Giang, a distant land “birds fly broken wings twice” could arrive, idiom means it is in the northern pole of the country. Ha Giang is also the most ancient land of the Earth, so that the Dong Van Plateau became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in December 2010.

Palace of Vuong  Family – Green pearl in the heart of the plateau

The second wonder is the green pearl in the middle of the stone plateau – the Vuong  residence. The beautiful  Vuong- shaped palace is surrounded by rows of cunninghamia and still got intact preservation after the ups and downs of history, raining winds, made a fascinating historical story. The Vuong residence was started building in 1019 and completed 10 years later with a total cost of up to 150,000 dong (equivalent to 150 billion Vietnam dong currently). The turtle-shaped hill with rare turtles and strong rows of cunninghamia trees rose up to a house shaped like “Vuong” as marked in the blue sky.

Lung Cu flag pole – “The place to begin the first brushstrokes of the Vietnam map.

The third wonder is Lung Cu Flag Tower – “where the first drawing of the motherland map begins,” and anyone who is Vietnamese, wants to be conquer once by the divine northernmost point.The distance is 1.5km from  Ha Giang city to Lung Cu flag pole, over 389 stone steps and climbing 140 spiral stairs in the heart of the flag pole, we will set foot to the top of Lung Cu flag pole, Ha Giang – pole north of the country. Where there is a yellow star red flag with an area of 54m2, metaphorical of 54 ethnic , the fly in the wind.

Happiness Road – 50 years road of blood and flowers

The fourth wonder is the Happiness Road- the path of blood and flowers. This 200-kilometer long road was constructed by tens of thousands of young volunteers from 16 ethnic groups in eight northern provinces of Vietnam for six years (1959 – 1965), with more than two million working days, in which Ma Peng Li pass is made by the youth who were in the suicide team hanging on the cliffs encroach on centimeters to do in 11 months.

Ma Leng is unofficially known as one of the “four great passes” in the mountains of northern Vietnam, beside O Quy Ho Pass, Khau Pha  Pass and Pha Din Pass.The Happiness Road is a bridge that brings light for the highland, not only with all the effort but also the blood and life of a young volunteers. This year is also the 50th anniversary of the completion of Ha Giang – Dong Van Happiness Road.

Ma Pi Leng Pass – “Unforgettable”

Ma Pì Lèng is the Chinese name for the literal meaning “horse nose”. But in the sense of the name, this refers to the greatest danger of the top of the mountain, where the mares climb to the top and were miscarried to dead, where the slope is so high that the horse passes by to stop breathing, or the vertical mount is like the horse nose. However, according to some indigenous Mong, the proper name of the pass is Mao Pi Leng, meaning “cats nose”.

Ma Pang Pass could also be classified as Ha Giang’s “Four Great Wonders”, however, unfortunately the pass was “concretized”. And althoughthe surrounding landscape is still very majestic, but itself the cliffs  are jagged, the identity of the pass is no longer the same.

Dong Van ancient town  – The amazing town  between the stone plateau

When referring to the old town, there is not only Hoi An ancient town or Hanoi 36 streets but also the ancient town of Dong Van.

Dong Van town lies in the middle of the valley, is surrounded by four rocky mountains. The old town has 40 rooftops, lined under rocky mountains. In the early morning, the old town painting was a mixture of two-tone beautiful colors: the bright yellow of the sun and the gray of the old houses.

Twin  Mountain

The Quan Ba Twin Mountain is a round, full of charm, resembling the fairytale bosom of the fairy who is soaked in sleep. In the middle of the mountain rocks and terraces, there are two mountains which have funny shape that makes visitors surprised by the beauty of nature.

Lung Cam Cultural Village – scene in the film “Pao’s story”

Lung Cam tourist culture village attracts many photographers, film makers and is the starting point for many works of art. In particular, Lung Cam Village was chosen as the backdrop for the film “Pao’s Story,” which won the Golden Kite Award at the Vietnam Cinema Association.

  • Hoang Su Phi terraced fields – splendid season working

No one knows how long the ethnic minorities in Hoang Su Phi have to turn the mountains into gorgeous terraced fields. Only know that terraced fields have been exploited by people for hundreds of years, replacing the slash-and-burn agriculture from generation to generation, people here take terraced fields as livelihoods. Terraced fields also mark the process of sedentary farming, bringing a better life for the households.

Sung La Valley – “place stone bloom”

From Yen Minh direction to the town of Dong Van, to the intersection of Pho Bang, where the beautiful pass hugs a green valley, it is So Vuong valley- “roses” of the plateau.

Sung La is like a picture of natural, beautiful painting, located in the middle of the  rocky mountains with only a dark color, and solid house with faded roofs.

H’mong people in Sung La planted Tam Giac Mach flowers and broccoli flowers on the high ground; Plant corn, rice in the land by the bottom of the valley. The young green of corn, rice mixed with the pink of Tam Giac Mach flowers,  yellow of the sun; The dark blue of the sa- mu  forest between land and sky.

Lung Tam textile village – the treasure of the Mong

Lung Tam is a commune nestled among the rocky peaks with clouds covering every season. This is the residence of the Mong ethnic group, famous for woven fabrics, indigo dyed and beeswax, where: “Only in linen, I do not lose my ancestors …””Brocatelle is a treasure of Lung Tam. Across the highlands of Ha Giang, anywhere Mong people live, there are brocatelle. However, for the brocade products to be preserved, promoted and shining, only in Lung Tam can do, “quoted by Mr. Hang Duong Thanh, Chairman of People’s Committee of Lung Tam.

Delicious specialties in  Ha Giang

Rolled Cake in Dong Van Old Town

Rolled Cake  in Dong Van – Ha Giang is a unique dish, different from other specialties in Ha Giang. This is the food that tourists often choose for breakfast when traveling to Ha Giang. A “cold” dish is eaten with a hot bone boiling soup, you will feel warmer in the cold weather in this rocky plateau.

Shan Tuyêt tea

Shan Tuyet tea is grown throughout the districts of Ha Giang, many places have ancient trees high range 300 – 1000m. Anyone who has ever enjoyed Shan Tuyet Ha Giang tea can hardly forget their delicious taste. This tea is clean, when taken care, people use natural remedies so there are no toxic chemicals. And Shan Tuyet tea is harvested 4 crops in the year, so visitors to Ha Giang at any time can enjoy the delicious taste of Shan snow tea.

Mint honey

Mint honey is a rare wildlife specialty and  most popular in Ha Giang. Mint honey has a sweet and mild taste, good for health. It is a common medicine for the treatment of respiratory diseases, digestive system, smooth skin.

Bac Me bamboo-tube rice

Bac Me bamboo-tube rice is a folk gift and a popular dish of many ethnic minorities in the Northwest. It is made from glutinous rice, then baked in a long bamboo tube. It has aromatic and sweet tastes,  visitors travellling to Ha Giang not only enjoy it but also buy as  gifts a lot.

5-color sticky rice

There are five distinct colors, white, yellow, purple, red, green and are combined to create good food that catches the eye. This sticky rice is made from a kind of glutinous rice that planted by the ethnic people themselves, each fragrant white rice is selected and they have a specific characteristic in the colors of sticky rice. 5 color sticky ricr has fragrant taste, if keeping it for a long time, it will also be hard to eat and if you eat, you also  do not need other spices.The sticky rice is brought  by the ethnic people to eat when going to work in the field, because the distance from home to work is quite far away, so they brought food at that time without having to go back home.  Being full for long time so it’s very convenient for ethnic people to work better.

Ha Giang is on Vietnam’s most northerly regions with a unique geographical makeup and diverse range of cultures. The mountainous area with towering limestone peaks, share a 270 km border with neighbouring China …(about Ha Giang)

Transfer from Hanoi to Ha Giang

Price :13 USD /single trip

Time table :

From Ha Noi to Ha Giang  :  6:00 pm From Ha Giang– Hanoi     : 7:30 pm

Duration: 8 hours

Hanoi to Ha Giang by Bus

Pickup Time Departure Time Arrival Time Bus Type Price ($)
6:30 -7.00PM 8:00 PM 4:00 AM Sleeping Bus (42 Beds) 13
7:30 PM 8:00 PM 4:00 AM Sleeping Bus (45 Beds) 13

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