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transfer from hanoi to mai chau by bus

Mai Chau is a beautiful valley located in the midst of the majestic mountain ranges in the Northwest region of Vietnam. Although it’s not as a famous destination as Sapa, Moc Chau Plateau or Dong Van Stone Plateau, Mai Chau has its own hidden beauty of spectacular landscape and pretty villages inhabited by ethnic minorities.

Mai Chau Valley
Mai Chau Valley

Transfer service to Mai Chau from Hanoi

Mai Chau is not too far from Hanoi, so you can travel during a day if you don’t have much time. However, to enjoy and learn about the life of ethnic minorities, or participate in community activities of local people in Mai Chau, we advise tou to take a trip of at least 2 days 1 night. At present, there is no bus route from Hanoi to Mai Chau and the best way to get to Mai Chau is to use Hanoi Travel Bus’s transfer service.

Hanoi to Mai Chau shared mini-van transfer service


– The mini-van 7 seats.

– English speaking tour guide on board.

– Air-conditioner


– Napkins, mineral water.

– Bread or some snacks on board.

Price: $ 18 / person

Itinerary Round-trip

Time Table Hanoi – Mai chau

Time departure time arrival Location Pick up Booking Now
8.00 am 11.30 am Hanoi center
12.00 pm 4.30 pm Hanoi center

Time Table Mai Chau – Hanoi

Time departure time arrival Location Pick up Booking Now
1.00 am 5.30 pm Mai Chau Village
4.30 pm 8.30 pm Mai Chau Village

Hanoi to Mai Chau Private Car Service

Our private car service offers 4 types of car for different groups of tourists: 4-seater cars for maximum 3 passengers, 7-seater for maximum 5 passengers and 16-s eater for maximum 11 passengers (the seaters left in the car is for your luggage). Rent a minivan ideal for any groups, families and long road trips.

Service includes
  • Gasoline, toll fee, parking fee, all expense for driver.
  • 24/7 customer support: +84 972 581356- WhatsApp
  • Englishspeaking driver and experienced.
  • Pick up at the airport.

How far from Hanoi to Mai Chau?

Located 150km from west of Hanoi, Mai Chau is a district of Hoa Binh Province, adjacent to Moc Chau Plateau (Son La Province) and Pu Luong (Thanh Hoa). It takes a 3-hour drive from Hanoi to Mai Chau or 4 hours to travel by motorbike, Mai Chau is suitable for a quick getaway from Hanoi.

The route from Hanoi to Mai Chau is not too difficult, it is suitable for backpackers who likes wilderness adventures.

Is the route to Mai Chau dangerous?

The road to Mai Chau is much better than before and it is not as hard as the roads to Dong Van Stone Plateau or Mu Cang Chai. However, you should always remember the following important things:

  • On the way to Mai Chau, you will have to cross a very steep slope which is the most dangerous road segment called the Cun Slope (Dốc Cun). The slope is straight and large but very long and steep.To this steep, the driver should drive at reasonable speed.
  • When your car passing the winding Thung Khe Pass, the driver should go slowly, turn the headlights on and use car horn. Because it is often foggy here in the evening, especially in spring or in winter, so you will have to drive in low visibility condition.

How to go Mai Chau?

There are many ways to travel to Mai Chau: you can ride motorbikes with a local guide (but we don’t recommend because it’s dangerous), or rent a car to self-drive or take a bus at Yen Nghia, My Dinh bus stations or the best way is to book a Mai Chau package tour by Hanoi Travel Bus .

Traveling by motorbike or private car

Hanoi – Mai Chau Itinerary: Hanoi – Luong Son – Mai Chau.

Hanoi to Mai Chau Map
Hanoi to Mai Chau Map

Mai Chau is located about 5km from National Highway 6.

There are 2 routes to Mai Chau from Hanoi:

Route 1: Hanoi center – the National Highway 32 – Nguyen Trai Street – Ba La junction – Xuan Mai Town (40km -1 hour)

Xuan Mai crossroad – National Highway 6, Hoa Binh City (35 km – half an hour)

Cun Steep – Thung Khe Pass – Nga Ba Tong Dau – turn left 5 km to Mai Chau (75 km – 2 hours)

This is the shortest route from Hanoi to Mai Chau. However, it is suitable for motorbike and private car, passenger car and bus do not take this route.

Route 2: Hanoi center – Tran Duy Hung street – Thang Long Highway – turn left to Xuan Mai town – Xuan Mai crossroad – National Highway 6, Hoa Binh City – Cun Steep – Thung Khe Pass – Nga Ba Tong Dau – turn left 5 km to Mai Chau. This road is longer than 10 km, but it is more open and faster.

Traveling by local bus

My Dinh and Yen Nghia bus stations offer many buses departing to Xuan Mai. The bus will drop guests off at Nga Ba Tong Dau. From here, you can take taxi bike service to get to Lac Village in Mai Chau.

Tickets varies from 90,000 to 110,000.

Discover Mai Chau – Moc Chau 2 days 1 nights

If you are looking for a tranquil and fresh place to escape from everyday life, relax in the midst of nature, and reconnect yourself, Mai Chau – Moc Chau 2 days 1 night tour will be a great choice for you.

Mai Chau and Moc Chau are ideal destinations for nature lovers and adventurous tourists.

Coming to Mai Chau, you will have the opportunity to discover the beautiful Mai Chau valley, and meet gentle Thai people. While Moc Chau is inviting with vast tea plantation and famous tourist sites such as Bat Cave and Dai Yem Waterfall.

Here are the destinations included in the tour:

Thung Khe Pass

Thung Khe Pass is located in National Highway 6 between Tan Lac and Mai Chau. The pass looks very beautiful, simple and poetic. Coming to Thung Khe, visitors will experience all four seasons in one day: fresh morning, sunny afternoon, cold evening.

Thung Khe Pass

Lac Village – Mai Chau

Lac Village is a small peaceful village of Thai people who are very friendly and hospitable.

Lac Village

Pine Forest in Ang Village

This is one of the most beautiful Thai ethnic villages in Moc Chau where you there are traditional small stilt houses hidden in the green foliage of the mountains. People in Ang Village still retains the customs and traditions of original Thai ethnic minority, you will find it shown in their architecture, lifestyle, costumes and cuisine.

Pine Forest Ang Village

Moc Chau tea plantations

Tea is one of the agricultural products and the main specialty of Moc Chau. There are countless tea plantations with different shapes. The most beautiful is the S-shaped and heart-shaped plantations.

Moc Chau tea plantations

Bat Cave

Bat Cave is a large cave with countless stalactites of various shapes.

Bat Cave