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Taking trains or coaches to go to Sapa

Taking trains or coaches to go to Sapa

Sapa is always an attractive destination for nature lovers. However, should people  take trains or coaches to to SaPa to ensure safety and convenience for the journey is a quite dubious problem, there are still many contrary opinions.

There are many ways of transfer for you to choose to go to Sapa with your beloved ones such as motorbike, coach, self-drive car, train … in which the motorcycle seems to fit young drivers who have steady driving skills and passion. For most travelers, going by coach or train seems a matter of concern. In order to answer this question, we need to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Going by train

Train is a mean of transport that a lot of tourists choose to go to Sapa. The advantages of this method are convenience, safety and less getting carsick than going by coach. Train tickets give fixed seat for each person so it is not cramped, overloaded. Besides, traveling by train is also convenient for those who want to bring their own motorbike to travel in Sapa. Sitting on the train, visitors can admire the scenery along the road, this is definitely a very interesting experience.

However, this choice also has certain limitations. In particular, the travel time takes about 5h- 6h hours, the price is classified by type of chair, car, time and generally will be higher than coach prices. In addition, the train only stops at Lao Cai station so you will have to spend a further cost for the distance of 40km to the town of Sapa.

Going by coach

There are two options to choose: going by coach Hanoi – Lao Cai or hire a travelling car.

By coach:

Travelling to Sapa by coach you will save a significant cost; besides, travel time is also faster than trains. If you travel on the Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway, it takes only about 3 hours to the destination. However, you will not be able to actively schedule your time and face to the cramped condition on coach. As a result, there is a risk of unsafe situation when passing through hills because of overcrowded car.

To take a coach to Lao Cai you can go to My Dinh, Gia Lam or Yen Nghia bus station and choose the car like Hai Van, Sao Viet, Ha Son, Queen Bus … and remember to check the departure time so as not to affect to the travel.

By hiring a travelling car:

Another option that you should refer is to hire a private car, buy a bus ticket or you can rent a car to Hanoi – Sapa with all kinds of cars: 4-6-9-29 seats suitable with the diverse needs of customers at the most economical cost. Hanoi travel bus is associated with the leading car companies having many years of experiences on the Hanoi route to Sapa, always puts the safety of customers on the top along with attractive service, always makes guests satisfied to be sure to give tourists a great experience.

With this option, you can be completely active in terms of time and have a very private space with partners. The larger the number of members in the group has, the cheaper the cost of renting a car is.

In addition, visitors can also refer to other Sapa Tour packages to be able to comfortably explore the beautiful scenery and unique culture of Sapa without worrying about any problems. Hanoi Travel Bus wishes you have a fun and safe journey!



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