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Some suggestions about transferring from Hanoi to Cat Ba by Bus

Transferring from Hanoi to Cat Ba by Bus

How to move from one place to another is always the first important issue for each journey, you will always have to look for most convenient and reasonable means of transportations and of course these issues are also top priority when traveling. Hanoi Travel Bus will suggest you ways to move from Hanoi to Cat Ba that are worth reading.

  1. Which is the best way to travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba?

Three main roads to transfer from Hanoi to Cat Ba: Highway 5 and Highway 18 and Highway 5B. All of these highways are fairly flat, so you will not have to worry about going long distances or rough roads.

Follow the direction of Highway 5 from Hanoi to Hai Phong, to Dinh Vu ferry station and then go about 130 km, you will have to change ferry twice, from Dinh Vu ferry to Ninh Tiep (go to Cat Hai island), continue to board the Second ferry Ben Got – Cai Vien to Cat Ba. It will take about 2 hours.

If you move along the second route to Highway 18 through Bac Ninh, Hai Duong to Ha Long, take the ferry in Tuan Chau. The road is longer than Hai Phong direction, but you only need to take a ferry to get there. Besides, you can visit many tourist attractions on this road.

But now most of the visitors are moving on Highway 5B to save time and money, It just takes about 3h30-4h from Hanoi to Cat Ba and the time of taking a ferry is also shortened to about 1h to 1h30.

Currently, types of seat tickets are listed, both train and car fare, you only need to book a ticket in advance, do not worry about waiting to buy train tickets or how to travel in time.


2. Transfer from Hanoi to Cat Ba

a, Coach

To transfer from Hanoi to Cat Ba without contacting any travel agency, you can catch the coach at the two main bus station of Hanoi: Gia Lam bus station or Giap Bat. This is a bus station that often runs from Hanoi to Cat Ba. Tickets for each trip ranged from 250,000 VND to 350,000 VND excluding ferry, hotel shuttle and other services.

These coaches usually catch more passengers throughout the journey, so the journey can take up to 5-6 hours. Additionally, the seats are often uncomfortable seats, equipment is not modern and no tour guide, so if you are foreign, you will be completely lost because of the language barrier. Therefore, you need to prepare carefully before choosing to travel by bus at the bus station. To return to Hanoi you can also catch the car at the Cat Ba station. You need to pay attention to the car to avoid going to the wrong place to lose time, effort as well as money!

The only advantage when taking a coach at the dock is probably the flexible time. You can freely explore Hanoi without having to book tickets and adjust the time for the trip.

b, Travel buses


If you want to travel by travel bus, you can book a bus and buy a bus ticket at Hanoi Travel Bus. You will get the support from the staff of the company, on how to move, on reasonable bus , on related services,…. You don’t need to worry about the fare because the ticket price here including ferry, tour guide and shuttle bus to your accommodation, you only have to pay about 230,000 VND for a journey from Hanoi to Cat Ba with many convenient facilities.

There are 3 period of time for you to choose from: 7h30, 10h30 and 14h, you can  freely travel or discover and gather back at the company location on time. Vehicles are also equipped with bouncing systems; the service comes with attractive seat with comfortable cushion so you can sleep during long journeys without worrying about anything.

If you are still confused and do not know when should you go? Are travel expenses appropriate for you? Does this trip have any accompanying services? Call us now for more information.

Hotline: 0169 710 3878 – 0165 204 2878 => BOOK TICKETS

An enthusiastic and professional staff is available to assist you!


  • Time can be varied; so please make a phone call in advance to be sure about the time the buses depart.
  • Pick-up time may be 30 minutes earlier or less than 30 minutes.
  • Check the time of departure or pick-up time to avoid missing the bus
  • If the car arrives to pick you up too late, call the staff to arrange another vehicle for the journey.
  • Check your luggage carefully before getting on and off the car to avoid misplacing on the move.
  • Make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park

The main type of rainforest here is the tropical evergreen forest, but due to the topography, land and water conditions, there are some types of secondary forests: limestone forest, mangrove forest on the island. The forest here also has many types of forest ecology such as Kim Giao (in the area that is near Ngu Lam peak); or near frog Pond

The special feature of this national park is the species of plants here up to 741 different species with many precious trees such as lobster, sliced flowers, limp, flowers, needles, white knuckles, condoms. For those who love to explore nature , this place is a must-see destination.

The Cannon Fort in Cat Ba

The Cannon Fort in Cat Ba

Each region of Vietnam Country has its own historical feature and Cat Ba is not an exception. The Cannon Fort is located at Cao Bang 177 Point of Cat Ba Island; this is an important historical record and pearl island. With many people, this place is quite new, but here you will not be surprised toward the military construction  of the Cat Ba line. From this high point, you can admire, admire the natural beauty of Cat Ba.

Cai Beo ancient fishing village

Arriving Cat Ba Island, you should visit the fishing village of Cai Beo, where you will experience the exciting life of the rustic and plain fisherman here. If you go by land, it only takes about 2 km to arrive. Cai Beo was discovered in 1938 in the adventures of discovering coastal archaeological survey in the relevant area of Ha Long Bay today. In order to not miss any piece of Cat Ba, you should visit this interesting fishing village.

In addition to the above three places, you can also visit other attractive destinations such as Viet Hai Village, Monkey Island, Cat Co 1 and 2, …… .. to have a perfect trip on Cat Ba Island!

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