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Sleeper Bus from Hanoi to Sapa- night bus or day bus

♣ Due to the number of tourists to Sapa east, so you should book 2-3 days in advance to ensure a ticket. In case of delay, do not hesitate – call us ( hotline +(+84)169 701 3878or WhatSup ) or use live chat to be supported in time.
♥ We support the tour booking (information here )
  Duration about 5,5 hours for bus
  • 10 USD (230 000 vnđ) /pax- 1 trip 
  • 19 USD (437 000 vnd)/pax- round trip 

♦ Daily Departure Bus from Hanoi : 07:00 ;13.30 ;21.30

Free pick up at your hotel in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and transfer to Sleeper Bus to Sapa →  Departure to Sapa → after 2 hours travelling , have a rest-stop at Km57 for 30 minutes, here you can go to toilet also → Stop within 15 minutes at Km237 for the second rest-stop → Arrival Sapa town – stop at the appoinment ( No.02 Cau May street or no  072 Ngũ Chi Son street)

♦ Daily Departure Bus from Sapa : 7.00 ;13.30  ; 21.30

Pick up at the Appointment( No.02 Cau May street or no  072 Ngũ Chi Son street)   → Departure to Hanoi → Stop at Km57 Station for 30 minutes.You can have dinner here  and rest room also → Our bus will pass Noi Bai domestic and international Airports where you can get off the Bus (Stop at terminal gate in the Airport, no fee, no taxi required) → Arrival Hanoi and stop at No 12 Ly Thai To street or 208 Trần Quang Khai Street

note :* You can stay on the Night Bus until 06:00 AM before checking in your hotel.

Shuttle  Bus Code Pickup Time departure Time Time arrival Ride Type Price for  one way (USD) Price Round trip (USD)
Hanoi – Sapa Sapa01 6:45 – 7:30 8.00 – 8.15 13.00 sleeper Bus (36 beds) 10 19
Sapa02  12:45 – 13:30 14.00 – 14.15  19.00  sleeper Bus (36 beds)  10  19
Sapa03 20:45 – 21:30 22.00 – 22.15 3.00 sleeper Bus (36 beds) 10 19
Sapa- Hanoi Sapa04 7.30 8.00 – 8.15 13.00 sleeper Bus (36 beds) 10 19
 Sapa05  13.00 14.00 – 14.15  19.00  sleeper Bus (36 beds)  10  19
 Sapa07  21.30 22.00 – 22.15 3.00   sleeper Bus (36 beds)  10  19

2. Facilities

 Sapa Sleeper Bus, the Soft 32 Beds desinged by South Korea, is called “Mobi Home on the ground” in business class.

– English speaking tour guide on board

– Air-conditioner.

– Wifi.

– Mineral water.

– Travel blanket and pillow.

– Bread or some snacks on board.

3. Note for Hanoi to Sapa Bus Booking :

– 30% surcharge on holidays.

– pick up : we support free pick up around Hanoi Old Quater .For customers whose addresses are too far out of reach , they will gather in front of our office (address : no 69 Hang Ga street, Hoan Kiem district , Hanoi) or call us to Support

-The departure time, the pickup time may be between 30′ and 45′ hour depending on the address.

– Luggage: we encourage you to carry small luggage. Under 15kg will not charge. Guests should inform us in advance about the luggage or the baggage space before ticket as well as departure. – Airport: Many new arrivals to Vietnam requested to pick up at the airport. But please understand that the distance from the airport to the city center is 40km, on the other hand, Hanoi to Cat Ba Island is not the same Hanoi to airport direction. So we do not pick up guests from the airport. If you need to pick up at the airport, check out the airport pick-up service here. – Children: We do not free for child with single seat and free (shared seats with parent)

4. Payments

Flexible and convenient in payment, you can pay online on Paypal   (including transaction fee) or Cash

– Contact form: we support 24/7 through the chat tool on the web site or hotline (+84)169 701 3878. But we encourage you to use What Sup App : ((+84)169 701 3878 (Support 24/7) to connect us When you travel in vietnam. – Booking time: You need to contact us at least 2 hours before departure time so we can arrange when possible.

Let Book here below form ( your special request here)

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