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Share 5 experiences only when to tour Cát Bà from tourists

Sharing on Tripzilla, two general customers, Eudaimoniacs from Singapore, introduced the experiences they had made during the Cat Ba trip earlier this year.

Trekking in Cat Ba National Park

Founded in 1986, Cat Ba National Park is home to 32 mammal conservation sites and more than 70 other rare bird species. With biodiversity and the home of the endangered Cat Ba langur, the jungle in Cat Ba is one of the first spots Singaporean visitors visit.


This is the ideal destination for trekking. An 18 km long hiking route through the mountains, and to take visitors will take about 6 hours to move to Viet Hai village. From here, people can continue their journey by boat to the town.

Note that the national park is suitable for older people, especially those with good health because the trekking trails have many rough terrain.

National Park fee is 30,000 VND per person. Boat trip to town is 50,000 VND per person. Note the boat starts picking guests from Ben Beo at 6 am on weekdays and 7 am on weekends.

Visiting Hospital Cave

This is a typical example of the skill and creativity of the Vietnamese during the war. The cave divided into three different levels can accommodate a field hospital inside the mountain.

The first floor was the room for wounded soldiers along with the operating room and the doctor’s room. The second floor is used as a relaxation room because of the bath and movie theater. Level 3 contains the equipment that wartime leaders use to secure the cave.

The Military Yard is located on the edge of Cat Ba National Park

The Military Yard is located on the edge of Cat Ba National Park, just 13 km from the town center. Opening hours for visitors are from 7am – 4pm, with a fare of VND15,000 per person.

Take a panoramic view of the island from Shen Gong Fort

This fortress is the place where people should go to see the whole panoramic island, the most beautiful is still dawn or sunset. There is an outdoor observatory and a 360-degree view for people to watch.

The hill-top of the fortress was always a strategic location during the great wars in Vietnam. How to get to the fort is to ride a motorbike, car or walk for 15 minutes to the top of the hill.

The fortress opening hours are from 7am to 6pm weekdays, with tickets of VND40,000 each.
The fortress opening hours are from 7am to 6pm on weekdays, with tickets of 40,000 VNDeach.

Upon arrival, you will see a large map of the fort. The fortress opening hours are from 7am to 6pm on weekdays, with tickets of 40,000 VND each.

Cliff rocks without protected

Since arriving in Cat Ba in the beginning of the new year of 2017, two Singaporean tourists decided to start with the DWS (deep water solo) experience at Lan Ha Bay.

Cat Ba has rocky islands with similar structures to Halong Bay but different in number of guests at same price. Thanks to fewer tourists, two Singaporean tourists enjoyed their time in Cat Ba.

Currently in Cat Ba there are two companies touring this adventure. Thanks to luck, Eudaimoniacs Singapore placed the final two points to experience DWS. Everyone waits at the tour operator’s office at 8am and takes a 5-minute bus ride to the marina. From here, guests can take a boat to admire the bay and the attractive blue water.

They then transfer to a smaller boat with their own instructor, Connor, to the mount. This place is suitable for climbers of DWS level 4 to 6. Despite the danger, this experience is worth a try once you reach Cat Ba.

Climbing at Hòn Nghiêng

Hon Tieng is an ideal place for both mountain climbing and medium level people. The rock here has good terrain, many places to hold or the rock edge to break when climbing.

DWS Mountain Climbing at Lan Ha Bay.
DWS Mountain Climbing at Lan Ha Bay.

Not as difficult or dangerous as DWS, climbing in Hon Nghieng has cord, shoe and helmet so it is safer, with ideal terrain for those who have never tried mountain climbing. When climbing visitors should pay attention to some places on the surface of rocky mountains.

Hon Nghieng is about 30 minutes away from Cat Ba Town. Visitors come here by kayak or rowing boat, or buy a package tour. In order to ensure a longer mountaineering tour in Hon Rieng, travelers check and book at least one day.

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