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Safe and economical motorcycle tour to Moc Chau

Safe and economical motorcycle tour to Moc Chau

If you are planning to explore Moc Chau but do not know how to have a motorcycle tour to Moc Chau which is economical, fun as well as safe, then congratulate that you have found this article.

Time to go

– Before and after Lunar New Year: Come to Moc Chau to see peach blossom, plum blossom covering mountains and forests

– March: to see the white Bauhinia variegata in Moc Chau

– May: to enjoy plum, peach fruit

– September: The occasion of largest festivals in Moc Chau, typically the Independence festival of Mong people.

– November: Canola white fields

– December: yellow wild sunflowers, red poinsettias begin to hatch creating a beautiful natural painting full of colors for Moc Chau

How to drive motorcycles to Moc Chau

If going from Hanoi, you can travel to Moc Chau in two directions:

– Option 1: Take Lang Hoa Lac street – Turn left to Xuan Mai – Turn right to Hoa Binh and then go straight to Moc Chau.

– Option 2: Follow Nguyen Trai Street -> Ha Dong -> Hoa Binh (signpost to Son La, follow the arrow direction) -> Cao Phong -> Mai Chau -> Moc Chau.

One thing to keep in mind is that you have to see the weather forecasts, avoid rain and storms to ensure safety when traveling by motorbike through dangerous hill roads.


With the policy of boosting the tourism industry and satisfying the increasing number of tourists, Moc Chau has been relatively developed with a diversified and diversified accommodation system. If you want to stay in a comfortable hotel, you can find room (book online) in Moc Chau town or Moc Chau farm town. The distance between the two places is 6km and is convenient for eating, resting and traveling to other attractions. Hotel prices in Moc Chau are different, depending on the quality of the hotels and rooms, with the average price is about 300,000 VND/ person/ night.

Another option for those who prefer to experience and save money is to stay at homestay in Ang village.

Room price is only 50.000VND / person, sleeping in the stilt house but each person has a blanket, a pillow and a private area so you do not need to worry about safety. Especially, it will be very convenient for you to visit pine forest in Ang village.

Food in Moc Chau

Opposite Huong Sưn Hotel in the town, there is a market with some noodles, pho restaurants that are quite delicious attracting a lot of tourists and people coming to have breakfast. Many restaurants and hotels also serve breakfast for guests at a price of 25,000VND-30,000VND/ person, including noodles, soup, porridge, sticky rice…

For lunch and dinner, you can ask house’s owner with local dishes or you can go to restaurants in Vu Xuan Thieu street (Moc Chau town) to eat popular food with only about 50,000VND/ portion full of rice, vegetables, meat, eggs, soup…

In general, the cost for a trip to Moc Chau 2 in days 1 night by motorcycle is much cheaper than the cost for a tour, if you stay at stilt house and have save money when eating, each person has to pay less than 500,000VND. Of course, for those with economic condition, you can enjoy the variety of specialties and experience other entertainment services. Wish you have a fun and interesting trip!



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