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Notice when having a cheap tour to Moc Chau

Notice when having a cheap tour to Moc Chau

Cheap Moc Chau tours are getting the attention of many visitors who want to take a trip to explore this beautiful plateau but the financial condition is not really good. 

In the current context, it is not easy to select a Moc Chau tour with both cheap price and high quality. This article will sum up some experiences to choose a cheap Moc Chau tour with prestige, hope to help you in the upcoming trip.

  1. Choose a reputable travel company

Of course, the main factor that play a key role in the quality of the tour are the prestige of the travel company. There are too many companies offering cheap Hanoi – Moc Chau tours but not all of them are guaranteed to bring you a truly exploring trip. If you are uncareful, you will probably get a boring trip, making the mood worse because of saving a bit of money.

To evaluate the credibility of the company is not easy at all. You can base on some basic criteria such as:

– Active years: Companies with many years of experience in this field will have a lot of experiences in building a rational tour. Besides, they will have a close relationship with restaurants, hotels and accommodation establishments in Moc Chau, which can ensure a better service quality and because of being patrons, they are more likely to have discount so you will benefit more in terms of cost.

– Community consultation: There are nothing more objective than direct feedbacks from customers who directly use the tour of the company. If you are introduced by your relatives, it will be more reliable.

Select a professional company: All provinces and cities in Vietnam have famous tourist destinations and of course there are tours from Hanoi. There are travel companies which build up a large tour network to maximize the number of visitors. However, this is difficult to ensure the quality of the service as the companies specializing in Hanoi – Moc Chau tour and some neighbor provinces.

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  1. Check out carefully the content of the program

Before deciding to book a tour, sign in contract and deposit money, you should carefully read the content of the program and pay attention to the following issues:

– Price: You need to ask what is included in the price includes, what will customers still have to pay for.

– Accommodation: Do not forget to find out about the quality of accommodation that the travel agent will let you stay in. Besides, you can check out quotation via internet to see if the cost is reasonable or not.

– Food: This is a very important issue and you need to ensure consistency of information about meals included in the tour, menu for each meal and where to eat before signing in the contract.

– Transportation: The quality of the car plays a very important role so you need to check carefully to ensure the car is new, it has air conditioning, smooth seats, good sound system… for the safety and experience of the whole team.

– Tourist attractions: Choose a tour with a reasonable number of attractions, the distance is not too far away from each other so it will help you save time of moving and less tired. Do not choose too many tourist destinations because you will not go into details, causing fatigue, making travel into the “tiredness” rather than a pleasant experience.

Lastly, do not forget to follow the promotion to have discount price when booking a Moc Chau tour.



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