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Notice when having a cheap Sapa tour from Hanoi

Notice when having a cheap Sapa tour from Hanoi

Unlike backpacking tourism, when choosing a cheap Sapa tour from Hanoi, you will be fully scheduled from A to Z by a tourism company. However, that does not mean that you should leave completely for the service companies, there are still many things to bear in mind.

Select a tour of the prestigious travel company

Besides the price, the prestige of the service provider is the most important factor that you need to pay attention to when choosing a tour in general and Hanoi – Sapa tour in particular. Of course, it is not easy to evaluate the credibility of a company but you can base on the criteria such as the year that the company is established, vehicles, schedules or whether Hanoi – Sapa tour is on the list of the main routes or not…

In addition, you can also go to the social networking forums specializing in tourism to consult the feedback of people who have used the service of the company to have an objective view.

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Hunt sale programs

In the context of fierce competition, most of travel companies are constantly introducing sale promotions to attract customers’ attention. If you have much time, you should carefully find out the discount programs and compare some of the units to make the best choice.

Negotiate price and other conditions

Once you have “targeted” the Sapa tour from Hanoi that you feel quite fit, do not rush to book immediately, you should exchange information again with staff of that company to ensure the information is exact and the company has not made any adjustments yet.

Pay special attention to accommodation, fare included, which services do guests must pay, what is the extra cost, how long will be spent for each activity… If you book tour during the promotion period you should ask carefully about the conditions attached to take that promotion.

Check out the schedule

Sapa has many different destinations, each destination has its own attractive features. When traveling on a tour, you will not have enough time to get to all of them so be sure take a look at the schedule to see whether it has your favorite places before you choose.

In addition, with independent guest groups, you can contact the tour operator to schedule your own destinations. Now there are many companies offering this service and Hanoi Travel Bus can be considered as an ideal choice.

Precaution for not getting lost

Roads in Sapa are still quite winding, complicated and many places are not available on the location map. Therefore, when having a Sapa tour, you need to stick to your group in case of accident. If you want to separate the group to visit your own sites, go shopping for souvenirs… Remember to ask the guide’s phone number, store name, telephone number of the accommodation and set the time to come back.

There are some notes for traveling by tour from Hanoi travel bus, hope that the above notes will be useful for your trip. Wish you have a fun and safe journey!



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