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How interesting is it when traveling to Ha Giang by car?

How interesting is it when traveling to Ha Giang by car?

How do you travel to Ha Giang? By car? And what should notice? Hanoi Travel Bus would like to share to you experiences of traveling to Ha Giang by car. Many people are afraid of traveling by themselves because of Ha Giang’s difficult terrain. However, let’s take a look the following article to get more experience for yourself.

Traveling to Ha Giang by car or by coach

There are two ways of traveling by car that you should pay attention. The first way is to follow Highway 32 (Hanoi – Son Tay), then follow Son Tay – Co Chiet – Phong Chau bridge – Phu Tho – Doan Hung – Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang. The second way is to follow Highway 2: Hanoi – Thang Long Bridge – Vinh Phuc – Viet Tri – Phu Tho – Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang.

If you plan to travel to Ha Giang by coach from Hanoi, you should depart at My Dinh bus station. You should book tickets in advance to get a good bed in the coach. The last coach departs at My Dinh bus station is at 9:30 pm. There is one advice that you should take the last coach on Friday, so you will be in Ha Giang in the next morning and go back on Sunday. However, we still strongly suggest that you should travel to Ha Giang by private car to have interesting experience.

Ha Giang travel experiences by car

In fact, the road to Ha Giang is as normal as the other roads in the north. Even Ha Giang road is not difficult to travel as many people think.


If you depart from Hanoi in the early morning, you will arrive in Ha Giang city at noon. However, as travel experience, we recommend that you should start at around 8 – 9 A.M from Ha Noi, you will have lunch in Tuyen Quang city and move to Ha Giang in afternoon and sleep in the city.

First day schedule

After having a sleep in Ha Giang city, you should get up early and go to Dong Van – Meo Vac. This is a rather difficult route for many drivers but do not worry, it’s not as scary as you think. In fact, there are only two parts of the road from Ha Giang to Lung Cu.

The first part, the road is quite narrow, sometimes with bends and uphill, downhill, but mostly is flat road and easy to move. As my experience, when moving from Ha Giang city to Yen Minh town, there is only one uphill that is Cong Troi – Quan Ba which has double mountains Quan Ba – Tam Son.

Double mountains Quan Ba

The second part is from Yen Minh to Lung Cu flag pole. It is a little bit difficult because of steep slopes; however, the road is large with two lanes.

Lung Cu flag pole

Those who do not have travel experience in Ha Giang by car when looking for the images of the roads feel scared. However, in fact, once moving on the roads in Ha Giang, you will feel very easy just like driving in normal roads

When arriving in Yen Minh, there are two ways, one way leads you to Dong Van, the other lead you to Meo Vac. Our advice is that you should choose the first option, you come and admire Cong Troi Sa Phin. After that, you can go to Vuong Family’s Palace and Lung Cu flag pole.

Vuong Family’s Palace

When arriving Lung Cu flag pole, do not park at the foot of the mountain, you should drive straight up to the flagpole and buy ticket for visiting. This saves your time and energy. You also visit Lo Lo village and go back Dong Van town to take a rest.  Dong Van town is famous for special soup in Moc Mien small restaurant and Old Town Coffee Dong Van – Pho Co Coffee. There are cheap homestays about 60,000 VND/person.

Second day schedule

Ma Pi Leng Pass

In the next day, let’s go to Ma Pi Leng Pass which connects Dong Van and Meo Vac with 20 km long. If you do not visit Sin Cai, go straight to Meo Vac to have lunch. There are 3 ways to go back Ha Giang city: Meo Vac – Lung Phin – Yen Minh – Quang Ba – Ha Giang, Meo Vac – Lung Phin – Mau Due – Lung Ho – Duong Thuong – Lung Tam – Quan Ba – Ha Giang and Meo Vac – Bao Lam – Bao Lac – Bac Me – Ha Giang. Let’s take a rest in the city before going back Hanoi.

Are you interested in above information? Why do not you travel to Ha Giang? Hopefully, with the travel experience Ha Giang by car that we shared, you will have a happy and safe trip with your family and your friends. Hanoi Travel Bus would like to supply you the best cars with high quality.



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