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Hanoi to Halong Bay Share Bus booker

transfer from hanoi-to-halong-bay-by-mini-bus

With the share bus service from Hanoi to Halong, you can save a lot of money if you or a group wants to travel on your own .We work with a local Bus company  ,every two-hour departure schedule.The first one start at 4h00 am and last one is at 16h00 pm.

Departure place at the Hanoi Opera House Theater (address : No. 1 Trang Tien street , Hoan Kiem , Hanoi) With this transportation, you pay only $3.5  (about 80 000 VND) service charge to us + 6.3 $ (140 000 vnD) for car provider. We will arrange you wherever you need.

Route : Hanoi – Halong: Hanoi Opera House Theater – Drop off at hotel in Halong bay and Halong city area (in the small alley we will drop you at the nearest hotel to your hotel or motel) Halong – Hanoi: Pick up at hotels in halong bay and halong city area (in the small alley we will pick you up nearest to your hotel or guest house) – take you home at the Hanoi Opera House Theater .

Our passenger travel to Hanoi Bay from Hanoi
Our passenger travel to Hanoi Bay from Hanoi

Note : – Luggage: because it is a 16 seater car, so we encourage you to carry small luggage. Under 15kg will not charge. Guests should inform us in advance about the luggage or the baggage space before ticket as well as departure. – Airport: Many new arrivals to Vietnam requested to pick up at the airport. But please understand that the distance from the airport to the city center is 40km, on the other hand, Hanoi to Halong is not the same Hanoi to airport. So we do not pick up guests from the airport. If you need to pick up at the airport, check out the airport pick-up service here.Children: We do not free for child with single seat. – Payment – Booking: You need to pay in advance: $ 3.5 / guest in advance for Hanoi travel bus to arrange and reserve your seat. When you board the car, you will pay the remaining amount of the ticket: $ 6.3 – Contact form: we support 24/7 through the chat tool on the web site or hotline 0972581356. But we encourage you to use a sim card of Vietnam (very easy to buy at the airport or hotel) When you travel in vietnam. – Booking time: You need to contact us at least 2 hours before departure time so we can arrange when possible.

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