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Hanoi to Sapa booking tour experience

Hanoi to Sapa booking tour experience

Currently, there are many companies offering tours Hanoi – Sa Pa, however, the thing is that not all services guarantee quality and cost for visitors as well as not all visitors know how to find reputable services. 

Tips for choosing travel company

There are a lot of travel companies in Hanoi offering Hanoi – Sapa tours with different packages such as 2 days 1 night tour, 3 days 2 nights tour … with unlimited number of members, from individual customers to group of hundreds of people. However, like every other fields, not all companies are truthful and qualified, there are many companies have low quality services with high fare. Therefore, if you do not choose carefully, your trip will probably be a catastrophe, bringing your mood down.

If you confused about choosing travel, let’s have a look at some criteria to select reputable travel company below:

– Scale: Overall, large – scale companies are more reliable, because they have invested a big amount of money to operate and serve customers qualified services. If they bring clients low quality services, they will be rejected by consumers.

Longevity of the company: Companies with many years of experience in the field will have more experience in that field. Being experienced will be a big benefit to help them to have better serve and be able to handle the situation better. In addition, the initial investment costs have been deducted considerably, so the price of Hanoi – Sa Pa tour will be cheaper.

Do not over-stretch: You should cooperate with companies that focus on only a few tours instead of choosing companies that concentrate on many fields.

Besides, do not forget to read the feedback of clients about the company’s services on large forums such as lamchame, webtretho.. to have the most objective view!

Somethings to consider when booking Hanoi – Sa Pa tours

– Consider carefully your own needs to choose the appropriate tour about time, schedule… Especially, you should consider the tours that take time on shopping

– Set the plan for traveling as soon as possible and inform the service company in advance so that they can advise the tour properly.

– Read and agree about all of the terms in the contract, ensuring the interests of both travelers and company before signing.

– You should refer to the plane tickets price, entrance fee, travel costs between the places… and agree with the service tour that is a full package tour or not.

– Pay attention to the quality of transportation because the route from Ha Noi to Sapa is very long, especially the road from Lao Cai city to Sapa town has many high slopes, deep pools, dangerous Passes, if the means of transport are old, crowded, it will be very difficult to guarantee your health.

Therefore, Hanoi Travel Bus is always the ideal choice for travelers. You will be assured of car quality and other attractive services.



Hotline: 0169 710 3878 – 0165 204 2878

Email: info@hanoitravelbus.com

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