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Getting interesting experiences when coming to Ha Long Bay!

Getting exciting experiences when visiting Ha Long Bay

Have you ever slept on a boat, rowed Kayak boat, caught cuttlefish at night or discovered natural caves that have strange and interesting shapes…There is one thing for sure that you can definitely have those experiences when traveling to Ha Long.

Ha Long always appears to visitors by its spectacular natural sceneries. Coming to Ha Long, you will get interesting and memorable experiences.

  1. Visiting Sung sot cave

Sung sot cave is one of the most attractive destinations of Ha Long as well as one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam. You can feel the cold coming out from the cave when you reach the mouth’s cave even though the weather is immensely hot outside. Further more, what always attracts tourists is the spacious space inside the cave with colorful stalagmites in different shapes.

  1. Tasting the seafood

Coming to Ha Long coastal land, you should try stunning seafood here like: mực hấp (steamed cuttlefish), cá om xì dầu, hàu nướng (grilled oyster)…. All of these are fresh as they are caught by fisherman on the day. Additionally, you cannot miss “chả mực” which is one of the specialties of Ha Long.

  1. Sleeping on the boats

After enjoying dinner with melodious music, you can take part in many amazing activities such as: singing karaoke, catching cuttlefish at night or contemplating the moon on the night sky… which are considered interesting activities in Ha long. The bedrooms and the window on the boat are well-designed, eye-catching, modern, unique look that allow tourists to enjoy the view outside.

4. Rowing kayak boat

Arriving Ha long, you will have opportunity to row the Kayak boat taking around to discover gorgeous caves on the Bay. Rowing boat is really suitable for those who are a big fan of sports. You will have relaxing time to enjoy the splendid view here while you’re rowing the kayak boat in a dreamy, spacious and super outstanding space in Ha Long Bay.

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