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Traveling to Sa Pa by bus with economical cost

Traveling to Sa Pa by bus with economical cost

There are many ways to travel to Sapa like renting 4-6-9-29 seater cars, renting self-driving cars or renting motorbikes to travel among different tourist spots around town or do How to buy car tickets to Sapa quickly and easily…However, what visitors are interested in is how to ensure the quality of service but they can still save money during the trip. Here Hanoi travel bus will help you to figure out these issues.

About Sa Pa Travel

Located about 376km from Hanoi and 38km from Lao Cai city, with its unique natural landscape and unique culture, Sa Pa foggy town has many times been listed as one of the most attractive destinations in the world, is the pride of the Vietnam tourism industry. Coming to Sa Pa, tourists will be immersed in peaceful, calm space, be pleased to admire the grandeur of the West mountain forest with green endless terraced rice fields or discover the tradition of interesting local culture.

Travelers can take a train, passenger car, motorcycle or rent a private car to get to Sa Pa. Each way will have its own advantages and limitations, so depending on the needs as well as financial conditions of each person to make appropriate decisions.

However, according to experienced travelers, renting a car is still the best choice, both safe and active, the fare is not too expensive, it is even more economical than train and bus.

Travel to Sa Pa by bus

It will take about 8 hours to reach Lao Cai station when transferring by train, then takes about 40 minutes bus ride to Sa Pa Town. With a car, it takes about 4 to 5 hours go on the highway, but you will have to face with the situation that there are many people on the bus which is unsafe and price increases, sometimes there aren’t any seaters left in rush time.

The best way to ensure flexibility in terms of time, in travel arrangements and greater safety is to seek for professional car travel services. Accordingly, HANOI TRAVEL BUS is the ideal choice for you when choosing Sapa travel by bus.


HANOI TRAVEL BUS is associated with many prestige car companies with high quality and attractive services to satisfy every visitor, even the most fastidious customers.

The staffs or the drivers are highly qualified and have many years of experience, specializing in running the route Hanoi – Sapa, so they are familiar with the terrain, the ability to handle the situation to ensure the safe journey for tourists. Vehicles are also under warranty, regular and careful checked before departing to ensure stable operation.

In addition to cars, HANOI TRAVEL BUS also offers Hanoi to Sapa bus package tours so that visitors can easily move between different locations in Sa Pa. HANOI TRAVEL BUS is committed to provide Sapa passenger car service with good quality and prestige services at a reasonable price to help you have a relaxing time with your friends and relatives. Come to Hanoi travel bus, all your journey will become easier. We wish you have a safe and fun trip!



Hotline: 0169 710 3878 – 0165 204 2878

Email: info@hanoitravelbus.com

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