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Easily Transportation from Hanoi Airport

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When traveling to Hanoi, Vietnam; you can find various transportation services depending upon individual need, schedules and budget. From these contributing factors, you can free to select bus, taxi and even rent a bike to travel around the city by yourself, exploring everything you want. Although this option heard amazing, it is best for single traveler but if you go with family you can choose the other ways.

Transportation from Hanoi Airport

What does Hanoi Travel Bus do for you?

We are at Hanoi Travel Bus, offer variety of travel options for you, your family or your friend groups. You are guaranteed a fair priced and comfortable transportation services without any hassle or issues. We provide bus travel services depending on your needs. Whether you are a single traveler or come with 10 or 20 other people, we also have bus services for your needs!

Transportation from Hanoi Airport

The Common Choices

The most commonly utilized options for our service are the 4-seater bus, the 7-seater bus, and the 16-seater bus. These buses can allow 3/5/11 passengers respectively. The rest of the area is where your normal amount of luggage would be settled. If you have lesser luggage than that, you can obviously fit more people.

Transportation from Hanoi Airport

However, these are not the only options available. The biggest bug that we run is a 35 seated bus, priced at about $77 for the airport pickup and about $69 for a drop off to the NoiBai Airport. The prices are ascertained on the kind of vehicle that you book and not how many people are in it with you.

Transportation from Hanoi Airport

Airport Pickups- Our Specialty

Yes, we offer both pickups and drop off services to our customers from the airport to their destination and from their destination to the airport. Our friendly and helpful staff will take care of you while you travel with them and also let you know about the places you cross on your way to the destination if you are new and want to know about it. Additionally, they will be waiting at the airport for you with a board with your name on it so that you can easily spot them. If you are unable to find your driver, you are both probably on different terminal arrivals sections. This can be fixed by calling us on the given number and letting us know which terminal you are on.

Transportation from Hanoi Airport

The procedure of Booking

Booking with us is a very easy process, and while booking, you need to tell us about your requirements, accommodations, arrival schedules and drop off schedules as the need may be and so on. All of this information is important to reserve your bus service and avoid future chaos. After you make your booking and update all the required information, the confirmation will be sent to you within 12 hours of your submitting your booking.

Whether you are planning a trip on your own or with the help of a travel agent, booking your own private bus service will make your transportation from Hanoi Airport into the city will be much easier than finding a reliable cab at the airport on the last minute.



Hotline: 0169 710 3878 – 0165 204 2878

Email: info@hanoitravelbus.com

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