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Discovering the beauty of Co To Island

Discovering the beauty of Co To IslandTaking a walk on the love road surrounded by two rows of green tree on the both sides of the road with the gentle wind, blue sea on the long white sandy beach, enjoy BBQ party on the beach, … These are interesting experiences you can get when coming to Co To. Let’s discover the beauty of Cô Tô with Hanoi Travel Bus!

Taking a walk on the road of love

You can take a walk on the red brick road that is over 2km long, lying along the sea. The romantic line of the road is the two sides of the road are 2 rows of tall tree spreading cool shade down the road. This is usually considered the “love road” of couples to take wedding photos. With romantic beauty, sea water and green trees shine down; this is completely one of the exciting destinations for your trip.

Visiting primitive forest with “chõi” flowers

When the April comes, people tend to go to cool places to avoid the baking hot weather and Co To is the very splendid destination that always appears to many tourists to visit. Additionally, you can also admire the primitive forest filled with “chõi” flowers. This is a very special wild flower on the island, but not many places have this flower. The special feature of these flowers has brought Co To a distinctive beauty for the hot summer. In addition, you also discover the big old tree of hundreds of years old with a green lake with blue water and flowers in the primitive forest. Moreover, you also enjoy the fresh air of the island, get away from the crowded and bustling city to enjoy the fresh air and nature; this is one of the attractive paradises for this summer.

Visiting Co To Lighthouse

One of the 30 “eyes of the sea” of Vietnam is Co To lighthouse, where you can hear the whole wave of fluttering and forest rustling. This is also the most beautiful place to contemplate sunrise and sunset that is worth trying. Like other places to see sunset or sunrise on the sea this place is a peaceful and a bit mysterious and a bit difficult to describe by your words. To see the sunset or sunrise you should step to the top of the lighthouse, just past 72 steps, you can see beautiful scenery. Then, do not hesitate to try!

Co To Lighthouse station

Exploring Cau Mi Rock Reef

With a system of sedimentary rocks eroded over ten thousand years by the sea water which has created a rare wonder compared to other famous islands of Vietnam – Cau Mi Rock Reef. Coming here, you should drop your barefoot to feel the coolness from rock and sea. You can also enjoy the beauty of each stone level.  It is a vivid picture about the process of formation and development of nature. Playing together on Cau Mi beach on Co To Island to get memorable moments. This is also a perfect romantic location for you and your lovers to experience the sunset or sunrise on the beach!

Cau Mi Rock Reef

Enjoy BBQ party on the beach

There is nothing interesting like gathering together to prepare a cozy and great BBQ party at the beach. A sweet BBQ party at the party will definitely be an enjoyable experience for you on this Cozy tour. The night BBQ parties on the white sand are always attractive to tourists when coming to this island.

BBQ by the beach at night

These are some suggestions on interesting travel experiences when you come to Co To, you can also have a look at some experience in the articles of Hanoi Travel Bus. Let’s make plans and go together!



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