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Discover Ngu Dong Ban On – Wild beauty of Moc Chau Plateau

Discover Ngu Dong Ban On – Wild beauty of Moc Chau Plateau

Let’s take a trip with Hanoi Travel Bus to discover the beauty of Moc Chau Highland. Ngu Dong Ban On (as it is called today) is a place where ethnic minorities live in Moc Chau highland, it was discovered after the historic floods in 2006. Although Ngu Dong Ban On was listed in the list of Moc Chau attractive tourist sites, due to difficult terrain, this place is quite new to tourists. Because of that, the place still retains the pristine beauty as it was in the beginning.

Ngu Dong Ban On – Moc Chau Plateau (Photo: Collects)

Due to the lack of investment and development, Ngu Dong Ban On Resort is still intact. The terrain here is quite rugged with small narrow zigzag roads made by some spontaneous people. But in return, it has the beauty and tranquility of tea-lined hills like layers of cool blue waves in the dawn of the highlands. The roads themselves bend around the hills as a silk strip that nature created accidentally.

Entrance to romantic Ngu Dong Ban On Village with green tea hills (Photo: Collects)

Whether visiting Moc Chau in any season visitors will be admired the beautiful flowers: golden wild sunflower, red poinsettias, pure white canola… creating a beautiful heart-touching scene.

Thousands of flowers on Moc Chau plateau (Photo: Collects)

Ngu Dong Ban On Complex has 4 main caves located on the same hill in which the fourth cave is placed separately on the left, people have to go quite far to be there so there are not many visitors go there. If you want to explore all of this complex, you need to spend a day preparing carefully as it will take a lot of time and effort to move and conquer the narrow and sloping forest roads.

A road crossing the forest on a tour discovering the cave complex (Photo: Collects)

This is one of the places you should consider when planning to go to Moc Chau by not only the scenery but also the facilities which are wild and hide many interesting things to explore. There is only one small house right on the way up to the cave. The house was built by the people to be a resting place when climbing the mountain to graze cattle, at the same time, it is also suitable for those who have been tired on the journey to conquer Ngu Dong Ban On.

The small house in Ngu Dong Ban On is a resting place of ethnic minority and tourists (Photo: Collects).

After crossing the rugged trails you will be witnessed the majestic beauty of the pristine Ngu Dong Ban On with the stalactites in many unique shapes. The system of five caves is similar to the five basic elements: Metal, Wood, Fire, Water, Earth with mysterious beauty is waiting for visitors to explore.

View inside the cave (photo: Collects)

The inside stair makes it easier to visit (Photo: Collects).

The way to conquer Ngu Dong Ban On is full of thorns but when overcoming the difficulties you will be witnessed the splendid beauty of nature, immersed in the clear sound of birds, enjoyed the scenery of thousand flowers. Come and explore the system of 5 unique and interesting caves in Moc Chau plateau.



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