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Enjoy a Luxurious Trip from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter

The journey from Hanoi airport to the Old Quarter is one of those trips you will remember for lifetime. Old Quarter is one of those places bustling with life and the ancient atmosphere that prevails in this part provides you with a cultural extravaganza all the way through. There is a variety of transportation that you can take from the airport but make sure that you will enjoy the trip and luxury on the whole. What are the options available when you are making a trip to the Old Quarter? Read the points below.

  • Taxi

You will get a variety of cabs from the airport but do not forget to check and compare the rates at first before arriving at a decision. The driver can charge you more if you are traveling to this part of the world for the first time. If you are keen to get a more reasonable rate, you can start with deep research before traveling to this location. With the world becoming mobile-friendly, you can search for local taxis that are available. Some of the famous taxi brands are available from the airport and you can check the rates to find out if it is suitable. From Hanoi airport to old quarter, you will absorb some the essence of being in Vietnam when you pick the right mode of transport.

  • Airline shuttle bus

To make the trip endearing in the real sense, you can take the shuttle bus from the airport if you are ready to forego the comfort level. Even though it is a shuttle operation, you have still got to check the rates and know the revised prices of the tickets. Check the platforms from which you can get these buses and collect information about the departure times for those trips that will take you to Old Quarter. Regardless of the amount of luxury you have compromised, you will get the opportunity to travel to your destination quickly once you board the bus.

  • Private cars

For the ultimate luxury, traveling in grand private vehicles can leave you with a feeling of satisfaction that you will enjoy forever. Depending on the model you choose and the number of people traveling together, you must try to focus on the base rates. There is variety of private and luxurious vehicles with chauffeurs waiting to welcome you at the airport. From business class sedan to mini vans in which you can travel with your family in a group of six. To avail the classiest mode of transport from Hanoi airport to old quarter you can get in touch with Hanoi Travel Bus to discover the ultimate. You can ask questions to the service provider to get the clarifications necessary for experiencing complete satisfaction during the trip.

Confirm the pickup points

Whether you plan to move to Old Quarter in a minivan, luxury car, shuttle bus or public bus, you must try to confirm the pickup points as early as possible. You must also try to find out more about the availability of support on the road during this trip and the capacity of the vehicle when it comes to carrying luggage. Communicating with the service agency before the start of the trip will allow you travel in the choicest manner.