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Discovering Ha Giang’s cuisine

Discovering Ha Giang’s cuisine

Coming to Ha Giang, you not only admire beautiful sceneries but also enjoy appetizing cuisines. Let’s go with Hanoi Travel Bus to explore delicious dishes in Ha Giang.

Au Tau Porridge

It is said that a trip to Ha Giang is not complete without having a bowl of Au Tau porridge” That is true! This dish has not only good smell, a littl bit spicy but also bitter taste of Au Tau root, the main ingredient of the porridge. Au Tau poridge is a little bit biiter when eating at the first time; gradually, but you may be addicted to it.  Considered to be the heat-keeping porridge, so the most suitable time that you can enjoy this dish is in winter. You can have a bowl of Au Tau porridge in Quan Huong restaurant in 171 Tran Hung Dao, Ha Giang city.

Thang Den

Thang Den is a fairly popular cake in Ha Giang. Many people has wrong thinking that this is BÁNH TRÔI NƯỚC (made of bits of brown sugar wrapped in glutinous rice flour paste and cooked by scalding in boiling water)”, a type a cake in lowland. However, Thang Den has different processing. it is made of glutinous rice flour, the process is quite like Banh Troi Nuoc, but the differenve is special water using with those cakes. This special water includes brown sugar, coconut and ginger. In the cold climate of a high mountainous area like Ha Giang, nothing can soothe you better than bowl of hot au tau porridge.

Thang Den is often sold on the sidewalk in the evening of city area like Dong Van, Ha Giang, Quan Ba, Yen Minh and so on.

Thang Co

Thang Co is special food in only mountainous areas, so many tourists are really interested in enjoying this dish. According to the old Mong people, Thang Co, original name called Thang Co, means bone broth. A pot of Thang Co includes fowl’s bone, meat and their viscera, horse meat is mainly ingredient. It is told that Mong people brought this dish to Vietnam 300 years ago. In the past, Mong people were in one of the hunted ethnics, they had to leave their hometown. They had met a lot of difficulties, food was not enough, they had to kills their horses to save soldiers. Because of not having pan and pot, they used horse’s fur to make a big pan and horse meat is main food. From that time, Thang Co became a traditional food of Mong people. Thang Co is cooked in special time like festivals and Phien market to serve tourists.

Reu Nuong (Grilled Moss)

Beside Thang Den, Thang Co, tourists cannot miss Reu Nuong, one of Ha Giang speciality. Reu Nuong is a strange dish for many people from knowing its name. The ingredient is green moss, then mix with salt, mononatri glutamat and culantro leaves. Re Nuong has special taste and carries the cultural identity of Tay people in Ha Giang.

Reu Nuong is not only a special dish, it has a very good healing effect. This specialty is usually in November and December in Tuy, Du Gia. Phuong Thien, Phuong Do villages.

There are a lot of amazing dishes in Ha Giang, do you want to try them? Let’s ask local people, they will show you great destinations to explore cuisines world in Ha Giang.



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Explore the world of food in Hai Phong

Explore the world of food in Hai Phong

Crab noodle, crab hot pot, Vietnamese roll cake, stick bread… have become attractive dishes with a special process of cooking, a tasty flavor and are easy to conquer visitors.

At the familiar port city, there are many dishes which are not only popular here but also famous in many regions, make the people pride. Here are the delicious Hai Phong dishes that customers cannot help but one trying when coming here.

Crab noodles

Crab noodles is the dish that make the cuisine of the port land famous. Each of the bowls is a combination of rich colors: red color of cake, pink brown of crab-roe, bright red of tomatoes, bright green of vegetables, dark green of piper lolot leaves, add the yellow of fried fish and fried onions.

The dish is tasty only when using the noodles of Du Hang Kenh village (Le Chan district, Hai Phong province) which is famous for flexible, not be overdone when soaking in hot water for a long time. Chilli sauce is only additional but it is a special ingredient which is processed in some secret traditional way.

People in Hai Phong eat crab noodles at all meals. This dish now is famous everywhere and has become the pride of the local as “Pho” of Hanoi people or beef noodles of Hue.

Stick bread

Stick bread or also known as spicy bread is the famous bread of Hai Phong cuisine. The shape of the bread is long, about 1/3 or 1/5 of the normal bread but it is famous for its unique taste. The right kind of bread is usually served with liver pate and chopped herb vegetables, cannot lack “chiu truong” chili sauce – which makes the special spicy taste of Hai Phong bread.

Vietnamese roll cake

This is a famous specialty in Hai Phong, diners will be easy to find the typical delicacies in the morning. Delicious cake is to be thinned, sprinkled dried onions and fluffy pemmican, eaten with broth sauce and chili vinegar. Also, if you do not like to eat vegetarian style, you can add more meat or eat with fried or chopped pork balls.

Shrimp noodles

This is also typical dish of Hai Phong cuisine with main ingredients is rice and seafood (usually shrimp). Noodles must be large, shrimps must be fresh, depending on the taste we can add rib, pig legs. Additional vegetable are usually parsley, green cabbage, wood ear, mushrooms, dill, spring onion. Each place has different variations but the material must necessarily have some origin from the sea Hai Phong to be considered as the standard shrimp noodles.

Crab spring rolls

This is also one of the attractive specialties of Hai Phong with the taste is not like anywhere else. In addition to the usual ingredients of spring rolls, the crab spring rolls have the addition of crab meat which is also one of the specialties of the sea.

The rice paper rolls are simple but must be produced by the traditional local method wrapping the dumpling, then folded into a square piece, when frying it still keeps the full flavor of crab meat. Crab spring rolls can be dipped in sauce or served with vermicelli and raw vegetables.

Freshwater crab hot pot

Freshwater crab is not the specialty of the sea but Hai Phong style crab hot pot still has features that can not be mixed with other places. The broth is really flavor with lots of crab-roe, eaten with red noodles and chopped fish balls.  Besides good taste, Hai Phong crab hot pot is quite cheap compared to similar dishes in Hanoi or some other places.

Hanoi Travel Bus helps you to discover the food paradise all around Vietnam. Regularly update with Hanoi Travel Bus!



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Ha Giang’s yummy dishes

Ha Giang’s yummy dishes

Let’s put aside the majestic beauty of the mountains into a corner of the heart and let’s explore the cuisine here in Ha Giang together. Not only does Ha Giang have the spectacular beauty of nature, but also the distinct beauty of the cuisine. So, let’s explore with Hanoi Travel bus to see how interesting it is!

Trang Kim noodle

You can only enjoy Trang Kim in one place in Ha Giang which is a small store by the Lo river bank of Quyet Tien commune. This village is well-known for this noodle for a long time, not only is it tasting, attractive but it is also special in the way of cooking by the skillful mountainous people here.

This is the breakfast of the people in the fair every week or visitors to the fair to enjoy specialty dishes at the Trang Kim market.

Trang KiM noodle is different from other noodle about color, flavor and toughness that make the dish more delicious, more mouthful. Trang Kim is made totally by people hands at every process of making noodle. Rice flour is grinded bythe hands of the women. The noodles are dry evenly, and then cut by these skillful hands.

Chicken in Trang Kim has a special yellow color, which is the yellow color of turmeric. It is the secret of the people here when boil chicken, they put turmeric to the chicken to get the eye-catching color and a special taste.

Trang Kim noodle is only available in one location which is a small village nestled in the Lo river of Quyet Tien commune. This peaceful village is famous for its stunning traditional noodle. The food is famous, not only because of its delicious, attractive flavor but also the interesting and “strange” way of processing noodle of mountain people.

Stuff pancake

Rice paper or stuff pancake is probably the familiar dish to many people. In Ha Giang rocky plateau, it is easy to find this favorite dish. Also made from rice flour, eggs, fresh onions, Ha Giang rice paper has a special flavor by the rice grown here.

Stuff pancake with eggs

It is stuff pancake but in Ha Giang this dish does not use the same sauce as many people still think. Instead, when cook on the stove, the egg will be added and then use the white powder outside the package to wrap the eggs up. When enjoying, diners will eat with a bowl of delicious white spring rolls. People can eat this dish when it is cold or hot is ok because of the smell of eggs and the fragrance of the soup.

Ha Giang duck rice noodle, one of the tasty specialties of Tay people.

Duck rice noodle is a specialty dish of the Tay people in Ha Giang on the full moon in July, one of the largest holidays of the year. Duck rice noodle is made like pie, eating with fatty boiled water of fresh ducklings fed on streams. You can go to enjoy this noodle dish in the restaurant “Duck rice noodle Village in Tuy village which is located 5km far from the city to the Bac Me direction.

5 color steamed sticky rice in Ha Giang

There are five distinct colors in this dis: white, yellow, purple, red, green creating an eye-catching dish. This sticky rice is made from a kind of glutinous and sticky rice cooked by the ethnic people themselves, each fragrant white rice grain is selected carefully. This dish is aromatic, it is hard when it is put for a long time and you will not need other spices. People often bring this dish when going to work in the field, because the distance from home to work is quite far away so they bring food at that time without having to go back. Eating steamed sticky rice make you full for a long time and it is convenient for ethnic people to work better.

Honey in the mint forest

Mint honey is a rare specialty of wildlife and it is most popular when it comes to Ha Giang. Mint has a sweet taste, mild and mint smells good effect on human health. It is a popular medicine for the treatment of respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal tract, smooth and good for skin.

San tuyet tea

Shan Tuyet tea is grown throughout the districts of Ha Giang, many places have ancient trees high range 300 – 1000m. Anyone who has ever seen Shan Tuyet Ha Giang tea can hardly forget their delicious taste. This tea is clean, when taking care of this tea; people use natural remedies so there are no toxic chemicals. And Shan tuyet tea is harvested 4 crops in the year; visitors can go to Ha Giang at any time to enjoy the delicious taste of Shan Tuyet tea.

Corn wine in Ha Giang

Like other highlands, Ha Giang corn wine is one of the specialties that cannot be missed when coming here. Wine is good when it is preserve carefully in a long time.

>>> Should you go to Ha Giang by tour?

>>> What mean of transportation should you use to transfer to Ha Giang?



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Enjoy “Steamed sticky rice” in Mai Chau via poem named “Tay Tien”

Enjoy “Steamed sticky rice” in Mai Chau via poem named “Tay Tien”

You can definitely not miss the wonderful specialties of the mountainous area here when traveling to Mai Chau as not only can you taste many delicious dishes but also find the attractive products of Mai Chau as gifts for relatives as well as friends. Are you going to travel Mai Chau? Did you know anything about Mai Chau specialties, what to buy as gifts? If not, please take a look at the following information of Hanoi Travel Bus!

Mai Chau Steamed sticky rice 

“Mai Chau is aromatic in sticky rice season” is a verse of the Quang Dung poet’s poem named “Tây Tiến”, when it comes to this verse; it is enough to know how tasty and different sticky rice in Mai Chau is.

Mai Chau’s first specialty that visitors cannot ignore is glutinous rice, a typical dish of mountainous regions. It is cooked from the glutinous rice, which is hard to find anywhere else. The rice is soaked in the water for 4 to 5 hours, and then drained, put into the pan to ripen. When the grain is soft, it is eatable. The sticky rice appears in meals every day or some holidays like: occasions of death, ceremony … You can enjoy this attractive dish at any time.

Da River’s fish grilled on charcoal

There are dozens of different fish types in the Da River area; each fish has a very delicious taste. From fish, carp to catfish, to tiny fish which just has finger size only, can be processed into many different dishes such as salad, steamed, sour soup but the best is grilled fish.

People usually choose small fishes of 1 to 2 fingers size to grill. Before cooking  , fishes are cleaned, taken into a small stick skewers from the head to fish to fix the shape when baking, then use two bamboo clip fishes into a row and then roast on the charcoal. When baking fish, bake the two sides, turn continuously to have well-cook fishes, not burnt.

Grilled fish is wrapped in banana leaves; add a little salt and steam. When the fish is ripe, fishes have a fragrant smell, soft and sweet, extremely impressive.

Forest Pork

Wild Pork in Mai Chau can be processed into a myriad of delicious dishes such as grilled pork; boiled, steamed, roasted… all of them are delicious and attractive. Unlike pigs who eat bran, wild pigs are fed freely; only eat vegetables and fruits, so pork is very firm, fragrant, sweet and tough, not fat but crunchy.

The most popular wild pork is grilled pork. After being roast on the fire, people choose delicious part and then marinate with spices, rinse, salt, turmeric, chili, cilantro, ginger, sugar… After about 30 minutes pork are shelved into bamboo sticks and baked on the charcoal. When the meat is ripe, it has yellow color and stunning smell which make everyone mouth-water.

Forest bee fried with Bamboo shoots

This dish is a perfect combination of wild bees and forest shoots which creates a flavorful Mai Chau flavor that few places have. Around July, August, at the end of summer, ordinary people go into the forest to catch wild bees, picking up young bees for processing into medicine and to make the mountain specialties.

The fatty, sweet-smelling bee is combined with the sourness of bamboo shoots, spicy chili, added with salt and pepper will make any visitors satisfied ant praise the dish.

Sour Pork

Similar to scrambled rice noodles, but the taste of sour pork is delicious and it has a different taste. People spread banana leaves on the fire and line them with bamboo, then spread a layer of roasted chicken with salt and then pork. Place a layer of roasted meat in a layer of roasted rice until the sauce is full. Keep the lid closed and close to the fire for a few days.

Sour Pork has slightly sour smell of forest leaves, soft, salty, medium fragrant, fatty meat mixed in the taste of roasted rice. It is served with herbs, forest leaves; add spices such as rime, rinse, basil which are extremely delicious.

Steamed wild vegetables

In Mai Chau, there are many kinds of vegetables that are easy to find and delicious like wild vegetables, pickled vegetables, squash, banana flowers … All these vegetables are called wild vegetable. Wild vegetables are familiar in the daily meal so tourists want to enjoy is extremely simple. What you have to do is to clean vegetables, steam on the fire like steamed sticky rice about 30-40 minutes until you have well- cooked vegetable which is soft, fragrant, sweet, and easy to eat.

Mai Chau is small but there are many things to enjoy, let’s travel with Hanoi Travel bus to discover the world of food here to add many stunning dishes into your album.



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What will we eat in Ninh Binh?

What will we eat in Ninh Binh?

Last Travel tour in Ninh Binh left me good impression, especially Ninh Binh cuisine. Not only does this land attract tourists by its cultural and historical values and landscape but also by the unique cuisine of the North region. After the Ninh Binh trip, you are not only impressed by the beautiful scenery, but you also remember the dishes of ancient capital as well. Let’s come to Hanoi Travel Bus to discover the famous specialties in Ninh Binh.

Goat meat in Rocky Mountain – well – known dish in Ninh Binh.

What are specialties can you enjoy when traveling to Ninh Binh?

When it comes to the cuisine of Ninh Binh, an ancient land, you cannot forget to mention the goat meat in rocky mountain. The goats are naturally raised, live on Limestone Mountains, and eat a variety of forest trees in the mountains, including the herbs. So, when you enjoy the food made from mountain goats you will feel its meat is very tender, low-fat, sweet and aromatic smell. Another reason to make Ninh Binh Rocky Mountain goats famous is the process of cooking meat of the people here. According to a professional chef, if you want to have good food from goats, the first thing is to eliminate all the odor of it.

This is a sophisticated process that can not be ignored. First wash the meat under the water tap, then add some salt or pepper powder, squeeze and store in the refrigerator for 10-15 hours. Ninh Binh mountain goats can be processed into many different delicious dishes such as goat soup, fried goat, goat grilled, goat meat pan frying … In which, rare goat meat mixed with lemon has more tourists chose to enjoy. I will tell you that the taste of rare-goat meat with lemons depends on the spices accompany. Goat meat is eaten with herbs, green bananas, fig leaves and ginger sauce. Rocky Mountain goat meat is a popular dish in Ninh Binh attracts many visitors to enjoy when arriving at this ancient capital.

Ninh Binh mountain snails, a specialty in Ninh Binh Mountain.

You cannot ignore Tam Diep Mountain snail when it comes to local dishes in Ninh Binh. For a long time, this dish has become a famous specialty in Ninh Binh which every tourist want to try once. According to the people here, this type of snails lives in the karst area of Tam Diep town, Binh Binh only. Their main foods are plants and leaves in the forest, including herbs. This type of snail only appears in the rainy season, from April to August every year. Other seasons they hide in the cave.

Following the snail catchers, we started catching snails in the morning. At this time, many snails crawl out to feed, so the morning is the best time to collect snails. According to those who specialize in processing snail, they think snails should not be washed thoroughly that will wash all herbal substances in the snails. This type of snail can be processed into steamed snails with ginger, spicy sauteed snails, boiled snails … When you enjoy snails, you will feel the crunchy, chewy, sweet of the snail meat and slightly bitter taste of medicinal ingredients. This makes the difference of snails only in Ninh Binh Mountain. Therefore, Ninh Binh Mountain Snail is a delicious food that nature has given to this land as a gift.

Ninh Binh Com chay, a well-known traditional specialty in Ninh Binh.

What is the specialty of the ancient Hoa Lu capital? Not only is Ninh Binh’s burnt rice (cơm cháy) a specialty of Ninh Binh, but it is also one of the ten famous dishes of Vietnam. I have heard the name of this food a lot of times, I also think this is a simple dish but when I see it, I must recognize the burnt rice is picky from the raw material selection to the processing. To make burnt rice with a special flavor, rice must use special glutinous rice with round seeds. Cookers must be made of cast iron and cook by charcoal is the best. The most important thing is the cooking rice process. When cooking you must keep balanced fire, burn all over the pot, not thick nor thin. After that, the burnt rice is removed out and dried for two to three days in the sun to meet the requirements, and then it is stored in a dry place to ensure hygiene. Before eating, fry them with lard or oil.

Com chay is served with goat meat, beef, pork heart stir fry with vegetables and spices to create a delicious taste. The simple thing is that the burnt rice is eaten along with the meat and the sauce is also great. In addition, Ninh Binh’s burnt rice (cơm cháy) is also packed and distributed throughout the country. Ninh Binh’s burnt rice (cơm cháy) is yellow, crispy; fatty which has become the soul of Ninh Binh cuisine. I also think this is a meaningful gift for relatives and friends after the interesting trip in Ninh Binh.

Salad Swamp eel fish – Delicious food, attractive and most famous in Ninh Binh

What delicious food to eat when traveling Ninh Binh? In Kim Son district, Ninh Binh there is a wild food called Salad Swamp eel fish. When you listen to the name of this dish, it seems very simple, but making a dish of Salad Swamp eel fish is a series of complicated process. This kind of Salad impresses everyone by its delicious taste of sticky rice, sour taste of vinegar juice, spicy,  pepper, lemongrass, peppers, ginger …

This specialties dish and the foods from wildlife in Ninh Binh have left the visitors tasteful, unforgettable flavor after enjoying. Swamp eel and Eel belong to the same family, but it isn’t as long as Swamp. If this fish lives in salty water, is called Swarm eel. If living in brackish water, it is called Snake Eel. This fish is long, slippery and fierce so I advise you not to try catching it because it will be very difficult. Fishing season is around August, September solar calendar, after lasting rain in the seventh lunar month. Swarm eel can be processed into many delicious dishes such as fried fish, sour soup, fish … but the food made specialties of this land is Salad Swamp eel fish.

Yen Mac “Nem Chua” – traditional food in Ninh Binh

When enjoy Ninh Binh cuisine you certainly can not forget to mention Yen Mac “Nem Chua”. No one knows when Yen Mac “Nem Chua” appears, but the gourmands in this land are known for this dish, which may be enough to show its popularity already. Yen Mac “Nem Chua” requires a strict processing from the selection of meat, cutting pig skin to thin to marinate to have a specific taste. That has made a difference in this kind of food, and it is not confused with ”Nem Chua” in other lands of Vietnam.

Meat is used to make “Nem Chua” is the meat in the thighs and butt of the pig body, because of after making the dish, it will be dry, soft, fragrant and special sour.  The most important recipe to make this dish is the processing of marinate leaves. People use guava leaves to wrap outside. When people wrap Nem, you can see pink color of meat, aromatic smell of guava leaves and sour smell of meat that is mouth – watering.

If you want a perfect “Nem Chua Yen Mac” dish, you should enjoy it with guava leaves, fig leaves, and some herbs, mixed with lemon juice, garlic, chili, a little pepper to help you feel the special flavor of this dish. If you have ever eaten this dish before it is going to be an unforgettable dish in Ninh Binh.

With some specialties in Ninh Binh that we have just shared will definitely be the necessary suggestions for your upcoming trip to Ninh Binh with your family and friends. It also helps you answer the question “what should you eat when visiting Ninh Binh?”



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What are delicious foods in Quang Ninh?

What are delicious foods in Quang Ninh? 

This week, Hanoi Travel Bus will be introducing to all of you about what delicious specialties and famous dishes in Quang Ninh are. If you have the opportunity to visit Quang Ninh, remember to enjoy all the unique dishes here such as “Gat gu cake” – Hoa Binh town, Tien Yen town. For me, once I have heard of any stunning dish, I often find it and taste it right away. Perhaps there is something that brings me to many delicious dishes all over the country, including the “Gat gu cake” in Tien Yen town.

The softness of the cake, the sweet smell, fragrant smell will satisfy you every time you eat this cake and remember it for good.

Unlike stuffed pancake, gat gu cake is ground from rice then soaked with water before. But when grinding gat gu cake, people usually add some cool rice to increase its flavor. When you eat, just dip a piece of cake into a special sauce with a piece “khau nhuc meat” which is carefully marinated. The softness of the cake, the sweet smell, fragrant smell will satisfy you every time you eat this cake and remember it for good.

Bun Be Be – Cau Trang (Mantis shrimp noodle in Cau Trang)

With raw materials are taken from the sea of Quang Ninh – where has super-delicious vermicelli, then bun be be (mantis shrimp noodle) in Cau Trang will be the best dish.

But the most delicious ingredients will definitely the well-cooked mantis shrimp on the top of the bowl.

Along with many other materials such as sweet cabbage, shrimp, dried onion, green onions, coriander, tomatoes, peppers, broth are stewed with bones, vermicelli that has a strong taste, a bit spicy, a bit sweet. But the most delicious ingredients will definitely the well-cooked mantis shrimp on the top of the bowl.

Tai long ep cake in Cam Pha, Van Don

It is a specialty of the San Diu people living in Quang Ninh which looks pretty simple, shaped like banh bot hot not in the West of Vietnam.

With the main materials such as glutinous rice, sugar, ginger which are processed through several stages, you can enjoy a tasty cake!

With the main materials such as glutinous rice, sugar, ginger which are processed through several stages, you can enjoy a tasty cake. Before eating, I had to inhale the ginger fragrance thoroughly, sweet smell of sweet sugar from small pieces of cake then eat small pieces to enjoy its stunning flavor.

Fried rice noodle in Quang Yen Town.

In fact, ngan is a mollusk spicy with hard shell often live in coastal mud. In particular, in Quang Ninh, this species is quite popular.

Taking a look at this dish, I was a little shock because it is not colorful and attractive; there are only 2 colors which are the color of rice noodle and the black of ngán, with a little mushrooms and green onions. However, when tasting it, you will be satisfied by its super delicious flavor and it will make you remember for good.

Tien Yen hill chicken in Tien Yen Town

From Ha Long, follow Highway 18 about 70 km, you will meet the town of Tien Yen. Here, I can enjoy the stunning specialty called Hill chicken.

Tien Yen chicken’s skin is delicious and thick.

Tien Yen chicken can be processed into many kinds of dishes but still delicious, especially Pure Chicken – simple but always effective. After watching the chicken boiled, you will not believe that it is processed in a normal way. In general, because the chicken skin becomes yellow as turmeric as if it is dipped in oil, you will be blown away by its delicious taste.

Pearl yogurt on Van Lang Street

After taking a walk around streets, you can enjoy some cups of pearl yogurt to make your evening much more interesting.

The tasty flavor of hot boiled coconut water, and add a bit cold, sour, sweet and  of the ice cream make people remember about this pearl yogurt forever.

When I called the pearl yogurt, I received two separated cups: one contains hot coconut milk mixed and a big and cool cup of yogurt cream. Surprisingly, I mixed two cups together. Then I was blown away by its super delicious flavor which is bit cold, sour and a bit sweet. Sometimes while I am wandering in Saigon, I still remember about this dish of Quang Ninh.



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Delicious dishes in Sa Pa, the splendid highland!

Delicious dishes in Sa Pa, the splendid highland!

Sapa is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes, but also for its delicious food that attracts many visitors. The attraction of Sapa is not only created from the landscape, climate and people but also from cuisine. Let’s take a trip to Sapa to discover those interesting things with Hanoi Travel Bus!

Sapa cuisine is really special which creates a unique feature of the land here. Let’s take a look at delicious food in Sapa and specialties in Sapa so that you can buy many gifts for relatives and friends.

Among many yummy dishes, grilled food/ barbecue is becoming a famous and distinctive brand that you can only taste in Sa Pa and they really impress visitors.

Many tourists said that “If you come to Sa Pa without enjoying barbeque, it is not really discover all the unique, rich and poetic Sa Pa cuisine culture.” You can find grilled food in many other places beside Sa Pa, but perhaps due to the favorable climate of the cool and poetic of natural land, grilled food/ barbecue here always has a stunning and distinct flavor that make everyone moth-watering.

It seems that in this high land, every barbecue dishes are rustic, ordinary also penetrated the essence of heaven and earth, making people satisfy about its delicious flavor.

Stuffed Cabbage with Beef

Beef is sliced thin, marinated with spices and then rolled with cabbage on the inside, all sliced into 1 and then grilled on charcoal. The sweetness of beef and the bitter taste of cucumber mixed with a bit of spicy chili sauce will make it hard for you to stop eating.

Com lam – Bamboo cooked rice

Com lam is a popular dish that you can easily see in the highlands, now rice is cooked before putting into bamboo pipe and heat until it is warm to eat. This dish is served with grilled food or vegetable to raise its flavor.

Grilled marinated pork

Pork can be chopped and sliced into slices or whole pieces, all marinated before, after being chosen by customer, they are grilled to be served

Baked chicken legs, wings

Legs or wings chicken are cooked with spices or honey and then baked directly on the charcoal. Under the cold weather of Sa Pa you will easily be attracted by a few wings or dozens of grilled chicken legs.

Baked eggs

Eggs, a simple food can be seen anywhere. However, in Sa Pa, baked eggs will definitely satisfy you by its stunning smell as well as its flavor.

Baked Fish

When eating Muong Hoa stream fish, you just need to bake on charcoal, then eat when it is still hot or you can bake it again and eat with tomatoes sauce with spicy curry powder or pepper.

Baked stomach

A plate of crispy grilled stomach with a cup of sparkling wine is enough to dispel the numbness and immersion in the peaceful, quiet space of the mountain town at night.

Baked mushrooms

Vegetables, legumes and similar mushrooms are also grilled on charcoal to serve with grilled meats.

Cai mam da

Cai mam da is not popular in this foggy town because of the rare type, which grows on high rocky peaks and grows only in the cold season. At the end of the year, from November to March, is a season of cai mam da. This is a delicious food that not everyone knows but once enjoyed it, you will want to eat more and buy to take home.

The most popular way of cooking is to boil, in fact they are dipped in the water and then they can be eatable. Cai mam da is served with fish sauce or eggs with peanut. This is the familiar way that people enjoy the purest flavor of Sapa.

However, fried cai mam da is the most popular, especially fried with buffalo meat that many tourist enjoy. When it is boiled, its sweetness comes into water, but when it is fried, the sweetness penetrates into the buffalo meat. Therefore, fried cai mam da is always chosen by visitors because of its delicious taste.

So, what are you still waiting for? Do not hesitate to pack your bags and hit the road to enjoy these delicious dishes and Let Hanoi travel bus helps you have a perfect trip.



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Tasting 5 stunning dishes in Da Lat

Tasting 5 stunning dishes in Da Lat

Da Lat is well – known as the city of Flower which always appears to visitors not only by its poetic beauty but also attract tourists with its own delicious dishes flavor. Therefore, if you have a chance to come here, do not skip anything, and let’s come to Hanoi travel Bus to experience the 5 most popular dishes in Dalat!

  1. Xiu mai bread

The first dish that makes people hard to get over every morning in Da Lat is the Xiu mai bread. Every early in the morning with a slight mist and the wind blowing by the glass of hot milk together with the delicious baked bread will make you love Da Lat without any reason.

>>> Address: 26 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 5, Da Lat City.

2. Nem chua nướng (Grilled sour spring roll)

Unlike traditional bread that has been dozens of year old, grilled spring roll is a new dish that has only appeared in Dalat for more than 10 years. But it is still famous because nem chua is normally used with the same kinds of herbs and now it is much yummier when it is grilled. Not only does it attracts you from taste but also attracts you from your sense of smell.

Sipping a glass of beer along with delicious plate of grilled nem chua with good friends, talking about life will make you feel like these stories are endless. Such funny conversation can also cause you to lose alert and call nem chua continuously can make you broke.

>>> Address: 254 Phan Dinh Phung, Da Lat City.

3. Grilled chopped fish porridge

Porridge cooked with fatty and crispy grilled chopped fish with the combination of bean sprouts will always stimulate tourist every time coming to Da Lat. You want to eat even though you are full! This porridge only exists in this dreamy land.

>>> Address: 15D Hai Ba Trung, Dalat City.

4. Banh Can – Can cake

Can Cake is a traditional cake in Dalat, crispy crunchy cake, served with its own sauces, which also partly make up for such a delicious bakery. The top of the cake will be covered with a crispy topping, served with hot sauce with soft sweet flesh. For those who cannot eat onions, it’s a bit sad because the cake is no longer having flavor without onions.

>>> Address of reference: Banh Canh Le – 27/44 Yersin, Dalat City.

5. Strawberry

The sweet and sour taste of strawberries always makes everyone touched and will take some boxes when leaving Da Lat. You will be having a chance to collect strawberries and eat them right in the garden, you don’t need to worry as you will pay the money depends on the amount of strawberry you collect. Do not pick overripe strawberries, because they are easy to be quickly rotten as you don’t eat them all right after collecting.

>>> Address of reference: Strawberry Garden of Mr. Hung – 143 St. Mau, Ward 7, Da Lat City.

The above dishes are the most attractive dishes of Da Lat that you can refer. If you have the opportunity to travel to Da Lat, do not miss this food!

Hanoi Travel Bus wishes you have a safe and fun trip!



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What to eat in Moc Chau?

Mai Chau grilled stream fish

What to eat in Moc Chau? There are many good food in Moc Chau, attracts a lot of  visitors to come here, such as, fried calves, spring fish, buffalo meat, rock snails, …

Fried Calves: Young calves at birth are not indentified the gender yet, if the female calves will retain to get milk, the males will be eliminated. When the calves are eliminated, people in the Moc Chau plateau will cook it into a nutrient-rich, delicious and appealing dish – fried calves.

Fried Calves- Moc Chau specialty

The recipe of processing the fried calves is not complicated, from the calves meat which are cut into small pieces, marinated with lemongrass, ginger, spices and then boil over oil. Because the calf is still young so it should be soft, sweet, not fat.

The recipe of processing the fried calves is not complicated, from the calves meat

Bitter Cai Meo: Moc Chau Cai Meo are only available in winter and spring. This vegetable has been planted here naturally by the local people, is used to serve the needs of the family and treat the guests.

Between autumn to late autumn, take seed to spread around the garden, around the field without the hedge, bed yards, no need to fertilize or water, but it still develops very well, extremely eye-catching with green color.

Cai Meo – specialty in Moc Chau

In the past few years, due to the increasing demand for Cai Meo, the ethnic people have grown to sell and do business. However, the method of cultivation is still rudimentary, so Moc Chau Cai Meo still retains its wild domestic flavor.

Cai Meo – specialty in Moc Chau

Stream fish: Moc Chau fish is round. There are some fish small like little finger, some are bigger than two fingers. Fish is cleaned and then fried crispy in the pan, when eating, can chew meat and bone.

Salmon: is a kind of fish that lives in cold regions like America, Europe, just has been imported to raise successfully in Moc Chau. With delicious taste, meat is beautifully  pink, high nutrition value, salmon is the luxury dish of visitors when travelling to Moc Chau.

Salmon – specialty of Moc Chau.

The most prominent dishes are salmon hotpot, Salmon Salad, grilled salmon … In the cold atmosphere of Moc Chau, enjoy a  salmon hotpot with corn wine and wild vegetables, you will definitely have an unforgettable impression.

Moc Chau Taro: Many people call this taro is ethnic taro as the Dzao people in Moc Chau (Son La) plant. Some other places also have this kind of taro but in terms of deliciousness, the taro of Dzao is the best and most delicious.

Taro – specialty of Moc Chau.

Moc Chau strawberry: Approximately one kilometer from the Ang Village, there is an area where attractive orchid and strawberry have been planted and tested for fruits for several years. Many gardeners are expanding the area to export to the city and process into jam, wine …

Strawberries have been planted experimentally in Moc Chau for several years and harvested satisfactory results due to the highland soil and the cool mountainous climate throughout the year. Like the weather in Da Lat but less rain, Moc Chau plateau has started to produce delicious berries.

Strawberries – specialty in Moc Chau.

Moc Chau tea: At present, Moc Chau district has about 3,000 hectares of  different kinds of tea. The lush tea, lagre hills have made Moc Chau become a green dreaming pearl. Tea plant also increasingly attached to the lives of the peoples here. Up to now, this tree is one of the symbols of Moc Chau plateau.

Moc Chau tea specialty

The most famous tea of Moc Chau plateau is San Tuyet – tea made from hundreds of tea trees here, besides, there is O Long tea, Kim Tuyen tea … each type has different tastes.

Moc Chau Milk: With hundreds of dairy cows on the farm, dairy products are one of the things you should try when you come to Moc Chau. You can buy these products in any restaurant on the way to Town.

If possible, enjoy a glass of freshly cooked raw milk as soon as it have been squeezed. Other dairy products you should also try are yogurt (not canned in supermarkets), butter or cream …

Dairy products from Moc Chau cow milk

Major eating places in Moc Chau

Moc Chau has many good and famous eateries. However, visitors need to know the most common places to easily enjoy the specialties and traditional dishes in this plateau. Moc Chau has many good and famous eateries. However, visitors need to know the most common places to easily enjoy the specialties and traditional dishes in this plateau.

– From  Moc Chau house, turn back about 4km, you will see the restaurants for the tourist buses. These restaurants are not as luxurious as many other restaurants in Moc Chau, but the food is quite good, and can meet the the demand of groups about 200-300 people.

– The restaurants on Highway 6 are mostly for motorbike  travellers with reasonable price

– The restaurants near the tourist destinations in Moc Chau such as Dai Yem waterfall, pine forest in Ang village … there are many good restaurants to meet the needs of both motorbike travelers and tourists here.

The good restaurants you should try in – Salmon Restaurant 64: Km179, National Highway 6 (adjacent to Van Ho and Moc Chau districts). Reference price: 100.000 – 250.000 VND / person.

– Nam Hung eatery 70: Chieng Di sub- district, Moc Chau Town. Price reference: 100.000d – 150.000d / person.

– Xuan Bac eatery 181: Chieng Di sub-district, Moc Chau town. Price reference: 100.000d / person.

– Restaurant 75 Moc Chau – North West Buffalo: Km 73, sub-area 3, Moc Chau Town. Reference price: about 100.000 VND / person.

– Goat Hotpot Restaurant 68: Sub-area 68, Moc Chau Farm Town (opposite to the primary school, secondary school 14-6), Reference price: about 100,000 VND / person.

– Dung Tuoi Restaurant: Sub-area 32 – Moc Chau Farm Town (500m from the new road towards Hanoi), Reference price: about 100,000 VND / person.

Moc Chau Xanh Restaurant: Crossroads of Bo Bun Sub-District – Moc Chau Farm Town. Reference price: about 100.000 VND / person.

– Huong Nui Restaurant: Grade 75, Sub-District 3, Moc Chau Town. Reference price: 70,000 – 100,000 VND / person.

– 90 restaurant: No 90 – TK motel – Moc Chau – Son La.

– Hong Nhung Restaurant: specialized cooking tortoise.

– Many types of Hotpot: Van Dua restaurant near Moc Chau Committee

–  Wildlife food: Loc Rung at Chieng Di Pass

– Soup  types: Phu Oanh restaurant, near Moc Chau bus station down opposite to to 747

– Fried calves specialties: Quang Bac restaurant in tk 40 farm in new street; Xuan Bac Restaurant 181- Fried calves

– Goat of all kinds: hot pot, grilled, rare, soup: Goat restaurant 68

–  Duck: Duck Thanh restaurant opposite to the bats gate.



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What to eat around Quang Ninh?

What to eat around Quang Ninh? That was the question that is always in my mind before coming to this land. Da Nang, and Hue has rice cakes, bun mam nem, Hoi An has high floor ( or Cao Lau), Can Tho has noodles, Hanoi has shrimp paste noodle, but how about Quang Ninh?

But then there is not only one answer but also ten answers “delicious”, very easy for me and many other visitors have a deep  memory of this region. If you have never been to Quang Ninh, check out 10 specialties to get more motivation “dating” with this place.

  1. Dipped Squid – Halong market 1

When traveling to Quang Ninh, the first dish I tried was the famous Halong Dipped Squid because  I am quite curious to enjoy the taste of dishes which are in the top 10 Asia. And then I realized….

Ha Long dipped squid is really worthy in the ranking. The dipped squid pieces have natural yellow color and aromatic flavor from the frying pan, rich sweetness, rich in marine protein and freshness, mixed with the “pomegranate” cut from the squid and the beard is crumbly. All bring exotic experience  that full of charisma, causing devotees like me never want to stop.

2. Dipped squid rolls – near the Bach Dang cinema.

Walking around the Bach Dang cinema, my local friend suddenly pulled me to a dipped squid rolls shop to have dinner. I absolutely know rolls, just enjoy the original dipped squid in  Ha Long, so when these two combine together, what will it be like?

Still the rolls are thinly sliced cake skillfully embracing minced meat, mushrooms inside, the flavour of onions and rousong. Have to grab the rolls, eat with herbs, a slice of fried squid then dip it all into the bowl of fish sauce with chilly slices… that is the way to enjoy real squid rolls . That night, I was completely ecstatic by the wonderful combination of rolls which are familiar with Halong dipped squid with depth of flavor.

3. Quang Yen  king-crab  – 25/4 street

From a person is not so interested in seafood, But this time  I broke the rule, becoming “crazy” because of Quang Yen King -crabs. Not too strange, because this dis is a famous speciality in Quang Ninh.

Only with King-crabs, you can make a lot of other dishes

Only with king crabs, people can make a lot of different dishes such as crab soup,  crab salad, crab feet stir-fried with sweet and sour, crabs stir with chilly, steamed crabs, and crabs stir with vermicelli … Any dishes are special and delicious  in a different way. Quang Yen King crab is definitely a food that can not miss when traveling to this country.

4. Sa Sung- Van Don.

Although Sa Sung is quite expensive but I still try to enjoy this dish, as not to waste the visit in Quang Ninh. And if there is a list to rank the food, must try once before dying, Sa Sung must be in the high rank.

Sa Sung is only found on Quan Lan Island – Minh Chau Island (Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province). The most popular dish here is the fresh Sa Sung stired with garlic. Fresh garlic honors the sweetness of Sa Sung. In addition,Sa Sung is very good if it is dried and roasted until turn into eye catching, yellow color, has a sea flavour. Roast Sa Sung dipping chili sauce, add fish lettuce, herbs with beer is great.



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