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What are good restaurants in Quang Ninh?

What are good restaurants in Quang Ninh?

What have impressed you when traveling is not only about the wonderful landscapes, the people, the culture but also the cuisine, one of the indispensable parts in your trips. Coming to Quang Ninh, not only are you attracted by spectacular scenery, but you are also blown away by good restaurants in here, so you should not miss the following restaurants in Quang Ninh.

  1. 1958 Restaurant

This is one of the restaurants that focus on traditional Vietnamese dishes, especially the cuisine of the North. The restaurant is located in Ngoc Chau, Tuan Chau, Ha Long. This is one of the newest restaurants in Tuan Chau. Although the restaurant does not have a very large space, it is very cozy, elegant, the dining room is beautifully decorated, it is near the beach, so it is very cool. The main dishes that the restaurant offers are fresh seafood, with delicious flavor of the sea. Moreover, this restaurant has a professional staff team who serve quite fast, they are always united, assigned work clearly, always enthusiastic and responsive to the requirements of customers.

  1. Linh Dan Restaurant

When it comes to Linh Dan restaurant, you will know this is a cheap restaurant but attracts a lot of visitors. Located at 104, Bai Chay, Halong, it is located right in the center; this is a very convenient location, nice view overlooking the bay, creating cool feeling, clean for tourists. At Linh Dan Restaurant you will enjoy a wide variety of dishes, which are all good food, fresh seafood with affordable prices in the restaurant; therefore it is highly appreciated by many visitors. This is one of the cheap and good restaurants in Quang Ninh. In addition, the restaurant is also suitable for organizing birthday, meeting with friends or partners.

  1. Cua Vang restaurant (Golden Crab restaurant)

This is one of the famous restaurants in Halong City, with its location right in Bai Chay, Tuan Chau, so customers can find it easily. With such a convenient location, the restaurant has created a very nice view; customers can enjoy the food and contemplate the panoramic view of Halong Bay. When it comes to the Golden Crab Restaurant, you can see fresh and rich seafood, always satisfying customers.

This is considered a comfortable and luxurious restaurant, not only is it suitable for eating family, gathering friends, festivals but it is also suitable for reception guests, diplomats. With a young, enthusiastic staff, attentive service, the chef process food quickly, so you will definitely not be disappointed when coming here.

  1. Vinh Cat Restaurant (Sandy Bay restaurant)

This is a worth visiting restaurant in Tuan Chau which is specializing in pizzas and prepared by an Italian chef, is highly appreciated. Located in Ngoc Chau Street, Tuan Chau, therefore tourists can see a blue beach, a white sand and far away is the bridge over two sand dunes that create a very poetic, beautiful view. The food in the restaurant is quite delicious, there are many dishes cooked in the western style and especially Pizza is baked by wood stove, so it has created a characteristic, a distinct taste. With the fresh seafood, the Pizza flavor, and tasty dishes with the reasonable price, this is a good restaurant you should give it a try.

  1. Hong Hanh restaurant

Hanh Hanh is one of famous restaurants in Ha Long that is known by many people. It has a spacious space, cool and luxurious with fresh seafood, stunning dishes which carefully processed by a professional team of cooks as well as friendly and caring staff with quick working manner.  Although the price here is a bit higher than other restaurants, Hong Hanh is always worth trying when you come to Quảng Ninh.



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 Visiting Ninh Binh – the capital of Dai Co Viet

 Visiting Ninh Binh – the capital of Dai Co Viet

This is the land of history and culture, Ninh Binh is always an attractive destination that urges visitors to explore in which Hoa Lu’s capital is home to many monuments of palaces, temples, pagodas and tombs of high historical and cultural value and also attracts large numbers of domestic as well as international visitors come to visit Ninh Binh every year.

  1. The birth of Hoa Lu capital

According to history books, Hoa Lu ancient capital and Dinh King’s parallel sentences, we find that: Hoa Lu old is a magnificent palace, just as beautiful as Truong An “Co Viet Quoc Duong Tong Khai Bao – Hoa Lu Do Thi Han Truong An… . Geographically, you will understand why when you go to King Dinh Tien Hoang to choose Hoa Lu as the capital because: the mountains spread around the capital as the screen; The Hoang Long River meandering and rice fields Nho Quan, Gia Vien vast natural trenches are very favorable military. Hoa Lu with rocky mountain ranges, rivers around, as a solid trench is very convenient for defense and fighting. Hoa Lu is south of Ngu Mountain, forming a solid wall. The west is protected by the Truong Yen. The north is Hoang Long River. A tributary of the Hoang Long River flows through the Bo River to Hoa Lu Cave – the first base of Dinh Bo Linh.

2. Structure

Over the past ten centuries, the historical relics in Hoa Lu ancient capital are almost destroyed. The remaining temples of King Dinh and King Le Temple were built in the 17th century on the foundations of old palaces, which are considered two of the most important, unique and typical relics. From the entrance gate, King Dinh Tien Hoang Temple is located on the left hand side, while King Le Dai Hanh Temple is located on the right hand side.

King Dinh Temple is located in Truong Yen Commune, Hoa Lu District, on a 5 hectare site, which is one of the important relics of the ancient ruins of Hoa Lu. Temple on the east, in front of the temple is Ma Yen Mountain. King Dinh Temple is built on the ancient palace, built in the style of internal, foreign. Architectural works posted along the main road. The names are named after the old palace.

About the main architecture, the most important part of the Temple of King Dinh Tien Hoang is BaiDuong tower, parallel to the main palace is connected by a shrine to create the word Cong. The architectural framework of the temple is a system of wooden stilts that have been preserved since the 17th century, but the walls are closed, opening only the main door in front of the road leading to the courtyard. All the wooden columns are piled up on columns and stone thresholds about 60 cm high. These are the architectural remains of the Nguyen Dynasty in the 10th Thanh Thai.

Hoa Lu ancient capital is an architectural complex, and each of the architecture has its own characteristics, all of which make up the ancient and grandeur of ancient history. Historical vestiges still remain in the complex of rich and diverse relics, including the architecture of the walls, the citadel, caves, temples, tombs and many other valuable architectural works about history and culture.

3. Discover the relic of the King Dinh, the temple of Le King

Especially, there are still two relics of King Dinh and King Le. These are two monuments built around the 17th century with stone carving art which is extremely amazing and distinctive. The way to King Dinh Temple led visitors to go under the canopy of trees along the roadside.

People called Hoa Lu and the Temple of King Dinh, King Le also uses many materials from stone. For example, when entering the temple grounds, visitors will see the stone floor and two monks are also carved with monolithic green stone. In the harem, visitors will see the bronze statue of King Dinh dynasty on a green boulder.

The temple of Le King is 50m away from King Dinh Temple with the same structure. Locating 200m far away from the Temple of Le King is Nhat Tru Pogoda which was built under Le Dai Hanh King dynasty. Thể is a stone pillar with 4.16m height and eight sides made by the King to offer the Buddha. Locating right next to is the relic attached to the story of the third princess of King Dinh Tien Hoang jumped into the well of suicide rather than followed her husband to fight against his father. This temple worships her princess.

4. Transportation to Hoa Lu

Coming to Ninh Binh, you have a lot of means of transportation to travel such as motorbike for an enjoyable experience or passenger cars to avoid baking hot weather and severe sunshine. And Hanoi Travel Bus always brings you all the best services on your journey. So let’s contact us to get perfect trips!



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Visitng 11 attractives destinations near Sai Gon on the Independence Day 2nd September

Visitng 11 attractives destinations near Sai Gon on the Independence Day 2nd September

Saigon has always been an attractive destination for ancient churches and historical landmarks. But if you have the opportunity to to come to Saigon to celebrate 2/9 holiday, you should not miss the mesjetic tourist attractions close to Saigon. Come with Hanoi travel bus to explore 11 tourist spots near Saigon on the occasion of 2/9!

  1. Thanh An – Can Gio Island Village

Thanh An island in particular and Can Gio district in general is one of the tourist destination that should not miss on the holiday 2/9. This gives young people the opportunity to explore the idyllic life of the islanders or “float” into the Can Gio biosphere reserve.

Come to Thanh An, you will encounter the extremely simple scene with salt fields, mangrove forests, dock … Especially, there are places for you to check in and capture a lot of great photoes on the road rocks along the sea and especially rocky beach heading to the sea nicely.

After hours of playing and having fun, you can enjoy fresh seafood at a very cheap price by the people on the island caught at the sea.

There are many ways to get to Thanh An – Can Gio like bus or motorbike or car with just over an hour from Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Long Hai Beach

Long Hai beach is a tourist destination in Long Hai Town, Vung Tau Province which is located about 100km from Ho Chi Minh City. This is a place where families and groups want to have a peaceful vacation. In addition, young people can also go to Long Hai to experience a real life different from the pristine beauty of the sea, the smooth golden sand spreading or dropping in the cool waters of Dinh Co beach, having camping overnight and enjoying fresh seafood as well as getting an “adventure travel” through the beautiful cherry flower.

You can go to Long Hai by car, motorbike. If you choose to get to Long Hai by motorbike, you should follow the route of National Highway 1 – follow direction Vung Tau to Ba Ria town junction, turn to Long Hai with more than 2 hours of moving.

3. Giang Dien waterfall eco-tourism site

Giang Dien Waterfall – Dong Nai is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City about 50 km, which brings you a holiday filled with joy. The space here is very spacious and airy, two rows of trees on the road cool with extremely beautiful waterfall. People can experience the moment of dropping the soul of wild nature in the clouds on the side of the hill.

This place is suitable for groups of friends or siblings in the house to come here with all kinds of exciting games such as soccer, volleyball, tennis, boating, 5D, bubble water, water car, water bike and karaoke entertainment. You should bring your clothes instead of going to the Giang Dien Waterfall instead of hiring clothes there to ensure hygiene by wearing clothes often worn by many people.

On the upcoming trip 30th/4, you and your friends can go to ecotourism Giang Dien waterfalls to camp overnight and eat together.

4. Tri An Lake

The vast and picturesque Tri An Lake is one of the well-known tourist destinations which is placed about 80km from Ho Chi Minh City. So, you should choose this place in order to have peaceful days to relax your mind and enjoy the holiday. Come here, you will enjoy the fresh air, cool from the grass with trees blowing wind waves in the middle of the lake …

Also, you can get to experience the fun leisure activities when coming to Tri An Lake as try to catch fish and shrimp, crabs… from dawn and watch the sunrise here. Apart from that, you can take the time to visit the beautiful island in the heart of Tri An like O island, Dong Truong … and enjoy the specialties here include: anchovy fried fish, dried fish pliers, hot pot tilapia …

5. Lạc Cảnh Đại Nam Văn Hiến

Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien is located at 1765A Binh Duong Boulevard, Hiep An Ward, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong, is only about 40km from Ho Chi Minh City. This is a tourist destination with a lot of places to visit to have fun, sightseeing that takes about 2 days to discover all this great place.

This is an amusement park where families with young children should choose when Lac Nam Dai Nam Hien Festival has zoos, swings, art galleries, circus performances … In addition, on the holidays. , the management board of Dai Nam resort regularly invite famous singers and performers to perform on the occasion of September 2, so you will probably meet your idol.

6. Suoi Tre torism site

Suoi Tre tourist area is also known as Suoi Tre cultural park, located near Long Khanh center, Dong Nai province, Ho Chi Minh City, about 70km. This tourist site was established in the early 20th century, when the French came to Long Khanh to make rubber plantations.

At present, the Suoi Tre tourist area covers an area of over ten hectares, with many grassy hills, sparse old trees printed in shade for centuries, dots of streams around the green bamboo edge, and the rubber forest … evokes a dreamland as it has been dubbed “Da Lat of the East”.

This is an ideal place for you to have fun, go camping with your friends or having fun with your children on April 30th. There is also a restaurant, swimming pool, tennis court to serve the needs of many visitors.

7. Cu Chi Cutural Eco-tourism site of Ethnics people (Cu Chi ethnic minority cultural and ecological tourist site)

The Cu Chi ethnic minority cultural and ecological tourist site is also known as Fosaco Ecological Village in Nhuan Duc Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City about 50 km. With the characteristics of the landscape, the reproduction of space, objects, people like this place as a “Central Highlands in the heart of the city.”

Coming here, you can learn about the Western Highlands diverse culture, with many identity. In addition, you will be immersed in the space of the village forest, explore the mystery of the grave, learn how to control the car buffalo and enjoy the delicious aromatic rice or many dishes made from crickets , scorpions, centipede …

With only 25.000 VND / person, you can enjoy beautiful scenery, discover unique culture or take part in contests, games with ethnic minorities. Moreover, moving to the village of Fosaco eco by motorbike or bus is very convenient.

8. Suoi Da – Suoi Tien In Vung Tau (Rocky stream, rocky stream in Vung Tau)

Fairy Stream (Suoi Da) is a stream flowing upstream of Mount Dinh, located about 5 km to the north of Ba Ria town. This tourist destination is located about 85 km from Saigon to Highway 51 to Tan Hai (Ba Ria – Vung Tau).

Coming here, you can have fun and have bath without having to pay. The most appropriate time for bathing is from 2-4pm. After 5pm, the water of the stream is cold, so it is difficult to bathe. If you like adventure, try to climb up the top cascade to enjoy the cool and exciting watershed. Be careful while moving because the moss on the rocks is quite slippery.

In addition, you can rent huts beside the stream to rest and eat. The price of renting one hut is 200,000 VND for the whole group. This is a tourist destination near Ho Chi Minh City and the cost is quite cheap, help you have a perfect holiday with a lot of joy and memories.

9. Buu Long tourism site

Buu Long tourist area is over 80 hectares, this is a romantic place with mountains, surrounded by a lake to create a picture of beautiful natural water to attract tourists.

Buu Long Resort also brings you interesting games in separate areas such as: duck, paddle, fish, … beautiful scenery will make you remember for good.

Located only 40km from Ho Chi Minh City, you can invite your friends, relatives to visit here, organize the fun party outdoors. Therefore, you should prepare food for your trip such as bread, pastries, buns, sausages and drinks to save money.

10. Bang Lang Tim Tourism site

If you want to choose a fun place of the West River on the occasion 2/9, the ideal place that you can choose is just about 1 our of moving from Ho Chi Minh City such as Bang Lang Tourist Area. This resort is located in Phuoc Khanh commune, Nhon Trach, Dong Nai.

Here, you can have a shower in the river, rowing, swing,… into the air and enjoy the natural food. With its spacious campus, Bang Lang Vim tourist area is the perfect place for you to organize picnic with friends with very active and fun group activities. But remember that before playing underwater games, you should wear protective clothings to avoid unexpected accidents.

11. Tre Viet Tourism village

Tre Viet tourism site will be the ideal destination for young people in Ho Chi Minh City as it is placed only 15km from the city center. Going to Cat Tien ferry terminal, meet Phan Van Dang crossroad right, you came to Tre Viet Tourism – an ideal destination for those who love the natural beauty and harmony of native country.

This place impresses many visitors with the architecture completely from the bamboo expressing the spirit of “Tre Vietnam”. Here, you can participate in river games such as kayaking, wooden boat, bamboo boat, go swimming, biking on the river or obstacle course with a lot of fun.

In particular, on the weekends and holidays Tet, Tre Viet village also held a buffet with many typical dishes of the South as grilled fish with chili salted fish, shrimp, grilled shrimp, snails, seafood hot pot In addition, at the tourist site near the city. You can also rent some bungalows or rooms if you want to have fun overnight.

So what are you still waiting for? Let’s pack yor bags and hit the road to these amazing places to enjoy your holidays near Sai Gon.

Hanoi Travel Bus wishes you a happy trip with your friends and your family.



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Unknown things about Tam Giac Mach Flower

Unknown things about Tam Giac Mach Flower

Tam Giac Mach flower season is an ideal time for a lot of young people who are fond of going backpacking and ” hunting” beautiful and unique photos to show off their friends. Before you go, please take 5 minutes to read our article to get more knowledge about Tam Giac Mach – a special flower that has many interesting things. Let’s go with Hanoi Travel Bus to explore these special things!

Tam Giac Mach flower story

It is said that Tien Gao (rice fairy) and Tien Ngo (corn fairy) sew on the Earth, rice and corn fell into the canyon. From that day, rice and corn grow up and people take their seeds to be food.

One day, because of smelling a strange flavor that no one knew before, people went to the canyon and were surprised by a flower field with tiny petals stretching over the mountain to mountain. Looking carefully, this flower’s leaves are triangular hiding under beautiful pales. Its seeds are taken to home and by the local. Its flavor is similar with rice and corn.

Tam Giac Mach belongs to rice species, is grown from rice seeds and corn seeds, so it is called Mach (kind of wheat), its leaves are triangular (Tam Giac). Thus, people took Tam Giac Mach as this flower’s name.

Tam Giac Mach flower season

Tam Giac Mach flower season starts around October and ends at the end of December every year.

Tam Giac Mach flower festival

Because of being specialty of the North West region, Tam Giac Mach flower festival is opened every year to honor the cultural heritage values as well as promote tourism, unique culture of the ethnic minority in the Northwest to both domestic and international tourists.

Tam Giac Mach flower festival is held in Tam Giac Mach season, it means on October to end of December. The festival is taken place in 4 plateau districts of Ha Giang (Dong Van, Quan Ba, Quan Yen, Meo Vac) and Ha Giang city.

Where is Tam Giac Mach flower?

In tam Giac Mach season, perhaps we can see them everywhere of the North West area, even in rocky slopes, terraced fields and both sides of the road.

However, the best place to enjoy the most beautiful Tam Giac Mach is Tam Giac Mach flower fields in Ha Giang; specifically, some districts such as Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man, Lung Tao, Pho Cao, Sung La, Dong Van and Lung Cu.

In case of not being in Ha Giang in October, you are not too sad because you can go to Cao Bang in March and April to admire this flower.

What is Tam Giac Mach used for?

Most of young people know about Tam Giac Mach because of its beauty; however, this special flower is used in several purposes.

+ Young Tam Giac Mach is used as a vegetable

Before maturing and showing up beautiful flower pales, young Tam Giac Mach is taken to home by the local and cooked for meals. Tam Giac Mach has slightly bitter taste, but sweet and good taste after. Whoever eats one will surely remember the flavor of this particular vegetable.

+ Tam Giac Mach body and leaves are used as medicine

Tam Giac Mach body and leaves are used for treating gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, indigestion, inflammation, stomach – ache and constipation.

In addition, it has the effect of lowering blood pressure, reduce blood fat and blood sugar due to high cellulose components and many other medicinal substances.

+ Tam Giac Mach seeds are used to be food

Tam Giac Mach cake is very common. It is like ” banh giay” (round sticky rice cake), but different flavor. The cake is sweet, soft and special aroma.

Beside of being used to make cake, Tam Giac Mach seeds are used to cook porridge. In the cold days of winter, a bowl of hot Tam Giac Mach porridge is perfect choice for you.

There is another way to process Tam Giac Mach, that is roasting it, like roasted soybeans. Young people like this because they can eat and chat for ages with their friends

+ Tam Giac Mach seeds are used to make alcohol

Have you ever heard ” Tam Giac Mach alcohol” If not, it is a pity, this is a special and tasty alcohol of North West residents. Tam Giac Mach alcohol is not totally made from Tam Giac mach seeds, it is combined with corn in a ratio of 1: 2. After that, these two materials are brewed with a special yeast and cooked Tam Giac Mach alcohol.

Tam Giac Mach alcohol is light, smooth; not as spicy as rice wine and not as sweet and smooth as Can wine. It is the mixture of those two wines, so drinkers have

special feeling when enjoying it.

+ Beauty function

This function of Tam Giac Mach was just discovered and got good feedbacks from a lot of women.

Using Tam Giac Mach in beauty purpose is simple, you just grind its seeds, mix with yogurt or unsweetened fresh milk into a paste mixture. Then, apply a thin layer on your face for about 15 minutes and clean washing. Your skin will be whiter and smoother if you use it regularly!

In spite of tiny flower, Tam Giac Mach contains a lot of interesting facts, does not it? If so, let’s spend your time with Hanoi Travel bus discovering Tam Giac Mach flower and the beauty of the majestic mountains here.

=> Where is Tam Giac Mach flower?



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Discovering caves in Cat Ba

Discovering caves in Cat Ba

Cat Ba Island has many large and small caves, in which the Trung Trang Cave and the Military Cave are the most visited because it is located near the Cat Ba National Park headquarters, making it an ideal combination for exploring both forests and caves. In addition, Cuong Cave and Thien Long Cave are equally attractive by its own attraction.

Cat Ba Military Caves

Located 13 km from Cat Ba town center, on the way to the National Park, Quan y is located halfway up the mountain, in the Khe Deep (Hai Son village, Tran Chau commune, Cat Hai district).

Previously, the cave was named Hung Son, named after a Tran general who participated in the battle on the Bach Dang River. From 1963 to 1965, the American empire escalated to the north, and the cave was built into a relatively modern field hospital, so the Cat Ba people called Quan Y cave. The cave is a hospital with complete function, travel system, ventilation, and lighting are completed from the door to the rear.

Cat Ba Military Park is a masterpiece in war-time construction, built of concrete, reinforced, can accommodate more than 100 people, with 3 floors, functional rooms, rehearsal area. function, movie screenings ….

Military Estuary is built with three floors, 17 rooms. When put into operation for tourism, the local management board has to restore the ladder length of about 30m to the cave in the original (wooden ladders can be destroyed when the enemy attacks.

Military cave in Cat Ba is a beautiful cave with stalactite stalactites, as well as a historical relic by the hospital during the war. Inside the cave are many closed works, for the care of wounded soldiers and the shelter of local people, all built on the ability of nature in the heart. Military Guards are preserved almost intact to this day, and become an emotive tourist attraction.

Trung Trang Cat ba Island

Trung Trang is the largest valley in Cat Ba Island, covering an area of about 300 ha, 10 to 30 meters below sea level and 15 km northwest of Cat Ba town.

Over the millennia of history, Trung Trang cave is one of the masterpieces that nature has given itself for the Cat Ba tour. The cave has a length of about 300m through the mountains, accommodating up to hundreds of visitors at a time that few other caves have.

Arriving in Trung Trang cave, visitors will not be surprised by the thousands of natural stalactites with a unique and sparkling shape, like blocks of jewels. There are also standing stones with more than a dozen parallel plates, when your hands clap on it, you will hear the sound very far. Beside the beauty of the rocky mountains, Trung Trang cave also has a beautiful natural Kim Giao forest, having not only economic value but also scientific research value.

Because of the mysterious natural beauty mentioned above, many visitors think that they are lost in the most beautiful paradise.

Trung Trang cave in Cat Ba is about 300m length through the mountains, with  a large cave arch containing hundreds of visitors at the same time. Inside the cave, this is the magnificent beauty of many iridescent stalactites like crystal. Especially there are the rocky hills with more than a dozen parallel plates, when your hands clap on it, you can hear the sound everywhere. Around Trung Trang Forest also has a very beautiful natural Kim Giao forest.

Hoa Cuong cave in Cat Ba

Hoa rocky cave is located in the north-east mountain range, where residents of Gia Luan commune live, north of Cat Ba island, border with Ha Long Bay, and a ferry to Tuan Chau of Quang Ninh.

At the height of about 15 – 20m compared to the living area, 50m above sea level. The height of the cave is about 10m. The widest part of the cave is 25m, with about 100m length.

When entrancing to cave door and looking upwards, visitors will not be impressed with the stalactites with many kinds of beautiful shape and gorgeous colors. This illusion is reflected more clearly thanks to many small lakes distributed alternately under the floor of cave.

Hoa rocky cave is not only famous for their fabulous artifacts, but also for archaeological significance, where the fossil teeth of an ancient apes was discovered with dating back over ten thousand years ago, which is a proof of the existence of ancient gibbons in Vietnam tens of thousands of years ago.

Hoa Cuong cave with many of the beautiful sparkling stalactites, and the shape of the statues of people, thumbnail… dyes myths color. Bottom background, it also has a small lake which makes the virtual hall more when the light streams through. Especially, at Hoa Cuong cave, the archaeologists unearthed and discovered the fossil teeth of the ancient ape dating back over ten thousand years.

Phu Long cave in Cat Ba

Phu Long cave still retains the original wild features because of no impact of human. Visitors can easily feel the masterpiece picture of creativity on stalactites with hundreds of different shapes.

If the cave door is quiet narrow, undulating because of shielding of stone, inside the cave this is the stacking space like a maze, a challenge of visitors.

Phu Long cave is divided into three relatively separate areas, with layers of stalactites from millions of years ago, splashing water drops cool, cleanly. An enormous stone pillar rising higher than people’s head in the “most cave” creates the association about the process of transformation, the mysterious shape.

The second cave has a large arch, shining stalactites from the top of the cave hanging down like many large tree roots from the top of the mountain, like the ladder to the sky in the fairy tale and also like the piano which can create music with the characteristic sound in the cave. Especially, the shape of many giant animals is created by stalactites like lizard snout, wanting to say “hello” in a friendly way. It creats interest for visitors.

Quan Trung Cave, Hoa Rock Cave, Phu Long Cave are the four most famous caves in Cat Ba which attract a lot of visitors so much every year. Perhaps, because of the natural beauty without impact of human, the caves here still keep their simple thing but difference.

Visitors want to visit, learn the understanding about historical sites or simply want to keep nice memories with your friends and relatives? All of the above are easy when you come to Cat Ba tour.

If you still have questions about your travel, please contact to Hanoi Travel bus immediately so that we can support you the best for the trip!

=> How to get to tranfer from Hanoi to Cat Ba island?



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Visit Quang Ninh Museum – the place of history and art

Visit Quang Ninh Museum – the place of history and art

Quang Ninh Museum is located in a complex of museums – libraries in Hong Hai ward (Ha Long City) on the shore of Ha Long Bay – the world natural wonder. This over 900 billion VND architecture of the Spanish architect Salvador Perez Arroyo has helped the Museum – Library in Quang Ninh win the Works of 2013.

The glass covering the house is as a giant mirror reflects the image of Ha Long sea making the first unforgettable impression with visitors. The outdoor display has the largest coal block setting a record of Vietnam – 28 tons and will also be the place to display the other art sculptures.

The main space of the Museum consists of 3 floors, outlines the most basic and characteristic features of Quang Ninh in both space and time, from the past to present, from mountainous to delta, sea with artifacts of high scientific value. Contrast to the black color outside, white is the main color for the interior space to highlight the exhibits.

The first floor is the space of the sea and nature. The unique feature of the first floor is four columns showing the mountain tube covered with fabric bearing the image of the rocky mountains in Ha Long Bay, combined with the light showing the effect of sea water making visitors feel like they are walking in the heart of a majestic bay.

Each mountain tube is a separated space of the tectonic process, sea and marine ecosystems, special flora and fauna, insects. In addition to the LED movie screens show documentary films on the subject, this place also has a 3D projection system that creates the feeling of “going in the middle of the ocean” for visitors.

The second floor has many unique display areas. With the design of boat simulators, the first space is the place to display the archaeological artifacts of the prehistoric time, after prehistoric time to modern time –  sketched an image of a much turbulent Quang Ninh.

If Quang Ninh display area in anti-French period was designed with the forest covering to symbolize the heroic Dong Trieu battlefield, the anti-America period was placed in space like an airplane cabin, reminiscent of the Air Force.

Spiritual cultural space associated with Yen Tu and Truc Lam Zen are arranged in a separated area. There is a model of Dong pagoda and many valuable ancient artifacts, in addition to the large screen showing live images from Yen Tu relic 24 / 24h. Next to it, there is the space of artifacts in Tran Dynasty in Dong Trieu.

The corridor leads to the display of ceramic artifacts of Vietnam, China, Japan and Thailand. From here, visitors can watch Ha Long Bay from above through glass window and relax before continuing the journey.

A model of open-air mining is located at 6 Column on the 3rd floor. The entire history of the coal mining industry in Quang Ninh from the Nguyen dynasty, the period of French colonialism until today is depicted relatively fully here.

A 1: 1 coal mining pit simulation with columns, wagons, miners are working, … will bring the most authentic, living experience for visitors, like they are going into a real pit.

This is a space displaying the culture and life of 14 ethnic groups in Quang Ninh province such as Kinh, Dao, San Diu, Tay, Hoa … There are roofs, wooden columns and belongings brought from the habitat of the local people to build the city.

The final space of the Museum is the place where Uncle Ho’s images in Quang Ninh are displayed – where was honored to welcome Uncle Hi to visit 7 times. In 1946, He said: “The mine land of our country is beautiful and rich. Our miners are very brave.” Along with other historical materials, this is a place of great educational value for all generations of Quang Ninh people.

Special gifts that Quang Ninh Museum give you when visiting this land are seals having the image of Uncle Ho with Quang Ninh people. Currently, Quang Ninh Museum is continuing to complete the exhibition space, making thí place become an attractive tourist attraction not only for domestic travelers but also for foreign visitors. Hanoi travel bus wishes you a fun trip with family and friends!



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