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Transfer from Cat Ba to Ninh Binh

Transfer from Cat Ba to Ninh Binh

You are on your trip to discover Northern Vietnam and you want to visit some tourist attractions before ending your journey? And you are looking for a good and suitable bus for yourself? Don’t worry, with a truthful and convenient bus service, Hanoi Travel Bus will help you to easily transfer between places! 

Bus for transferring from Cat Ba to Ninh Binh

You are visiting Cat Ba and you are planning to visit its vicinity! If so, we highly recommend Ninh Binh where is 160km from Cat Ba. Ninh Binh is an ideal place for you to discover after your trip to Cat Ba. At the moment, Hanoi Travel Bus serves guests with well-equipped and nice buses to move from Cat Ba – Ninh Binh which makes your trips more convenient and interesting!

Time, schedule and price for transferring from Cat Ba to Ninh Binh

Pick up time route Duration Ticket price Booking
6:30 – 6:45 am Cát Bà Bến phà Highway 10  Ninh Binh city (destination) Tam Cốc (last stop) 4,5 hours 320.000 vnd Book now
14:30 – 14:45 pm 320.000 vnd Book now

Some notices that you may know when using our bus transfer from Cat Ba to Ninh Binh!

  • Additional fee 20% on holidays (1st September, February, March, April and 30th, 31st December …)
  • 50% ticket price for children under 5 years old.
  • Original price for children above 5 years old.



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Some of the famous motorbike rental places in Sa Pa with cheap price from 80.000vnd!

Some of the famous car rental places in Sa Pa with cheap price from 80.000vnd!

Enjoy your safe, convenient and exciting trips to Sa pa by memorizing some of the famous motorbike rental places below:

Lao Cai Tourist information center

Being well-known for its truthful working manner as well as its high quality, this is the best Tourist information center that many visitors know about. You can freely travel to everywhere only with 100.000vnd/motorbike.

Address: 02 Fansipan, Sa Pa Town, Lao Cai province

Phone: 0214 3871975

Mạnh Hùng car rental store

Here, you will have a variety of choices with many different types of motorbikes with different models and colors; therefore you can choose one that matches your interest. The price is from 100.000 to 220.000vnd.

Address: Sa pa town, Lao Cai province

Phone: 0986 557 236

Hải Nam store

There is one special things about this store is that you can have the motorbike right at your places, the shippers will take the cars to you in the shortest time, so you don’t have to wait for long time. Even at night, you can rent a car by making a phone call to the store with the cheap price from 100.000vnd to 240.000vnd/ motorbike without worrying about being unfamiliar with the roads. Is it so convenient, isn’t it?

Address: Sa Pa Town, Lao Cai

Phone: 0942 990222

Mr Chinh

Only with 80.000vnd, you can contemporary own a motorbike for your traveling. You can have special discount if you rent many motorbikes or with long duration. There more motorbikes you rent, the cheaper price you get!

Address: 44 Fansipang, Sa Pa town, Lao Cai

Phone: 0988 628 515

Minskk Sa Pa

When it comes to motorbike rental service with simple process and reasonable price, Minsk Sa Pa is the best choice for you. What you have to do is simply deposit your Identification Card or your passport at the store; you don’t need to pay any guaranteed fee. The price for rent is from 90.000vnd to 230.000vnd/ motorbike.

Address: Sa Pa town, Lào Cai

Phone: 0982349204 – 01656121719

Long Sa Pa

Your trips will be much more convenient and easy than ever with 2 maps and a raincoat which are awarded when renting motorbike with Long Sa pa. Especially the price is not expensive at all, it is just from 100.000/ normal motorbike and 130.000vnd/ scooter.

Address: Sa Pa town, Lào Cai

Phone: 0989 423 018

Apart from those above stores, you can definitely look for other stores. However, the most important thing when choosing rental vehicles is that you should check carefully your rental vehicles. Make sure that you choose a good company when traveling.

Below are some experiences of checking rental motorbike for new people:

  • Check front and rear parts of the motorbike, neck lock, brakes, horn, lights carefully.  You can call them to come to you and take the motorbike if you don’t want to drive to the store and give it back for the owners.
  • Check carefully technological faults of the motorbike to avoid the case that you have to pay the compensation.
  • You should choose normal motorbike, Wave RS is the most popular as it is easy to use and it saves gasoline.
  • After renting your motorbike, you should ask about the nearest gas staion because the gas station in Sa Pa is quite far to each other and it often opens after 7AM.
  • The last thing you should notice is that you need to agree with the owners about the price. You should be clear about choosing a motorbike to travel in Sa Pa or outside of Sa Pa because the price is not the same.

Those are famous motorbike rental places that you should remember when visiting Sa Pa. Hope that these information will be helpful to you! Have nice trips when traveling!



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Getting interesting experiences when coming to Ha Long Bay!

Getting exciting experiences when visiting Ha Long Bay

Have you ever slept on a boat, rowed Kayak boat, caught cuttlefish at night or discovered natural caves that have strange and interesting shapes…There is one thing for sure that you can definitely have those experiences when traveling to Ha Long.

Ha Long always appears to visitors by its spectacular natural sceneries. Coming to Ha Long, you will get interesting and memorable experiences.

  1. Visiting Sung sot cave

Sung sot cave is one of the most attractive destinations of Ha Long as well as one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam. You can feel the cold coming out from the cave when you reach the mouth’s cave even though the weather is immensely hot outside. Further more, what always attracts tourists is the spacious space inside the cave with colorful stalagmites in different shapes.

  1. Tasting the seafood

Coming to Ha Long coastal land, you should try stunning seafood here like: mực hấp (steamed cuttlefish), cá om xì dầu, hàu nướng (grilled oyster)…. All of these are fresh as they are caught by fisherman on the day. Additionally, you cannot miss “chả mực” which is one of the specialties of Ha Long.

  1. Sleeping on the boats

After enjoying dinner with melodious music, you can take part in many amazing activities such as: singing karaoke, catching cuttlefish at night or contemplating the moon on the night sky… which are considered interesting activities in Ha long. The bedrooms and the window on the boat are well-designed, eye-catching, modern, unique look that allow tourists to enjoy the view outside.

4. Rowing kayak boat

Arriving Ha long, you will have opportunity to row the Kayak boat taking around to discover gorgeous caves on the Bay. Rowing boat is really suitable for those who are a big fan of sports. You will have relaxing time to enjoy the splendid view here while you’re rowing the kayak boat in a dreamy, spacious and super outstanding space in Ha Long Bay.

Hanoi Travel bus always gives visitors safe and effective services as well as good vehicles. Hanoi Travel bus is the best choice for you to discover the world. Let’s contact us and we will help you to have great trips.



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Why should we travel to Moc Chau in this May? What are special things about Moc Chau?

What are special things about Moc Chau in this May? When the May comes, Mộc Châu is full of splendid flowers which looks like a white snow paradise with the fragrant aroma of plum flowers. So, you will definitely have interesting experiences here. Mộc Châu is always the attractive tourist destination of Vietnam, when it comes to Moc Chau, people often consider it as the paradise of flowers. Coming here during this time, you can contemplate colorful flower fields as well as endless green hills of tea. Along with Hanoi Travel bus  discover amazing experiences in Moc Chau this May.

1. Discovering the green hill tea

Moc Chau tea hill

In May, Moc Chau looks like a colorful picture with endless green hills of tea. The time to collect tea in Moc Chau plateau is from the beginning of April until the end of June. Tea is grown ơn the S shaped form in Mộc Châu farm and the heart shape tea hill leads to Ngu Dong Ban On. Here, tourists can enjoy the dynamic and strong beauty of green hills of tea.

1. Collect Moc Chau plum

Plum tree in Moc Chau

May is also the time of red plum and peaches. Tourists are always attracted by this in this time. You can see there are a lot of plum in the town farm and Tan Lap commune. The harvest of plum usually lasts from April until May, if the weather is warm, people can collect them from March. This will be an exciting trip as you can collect aromatic and yummy plum by yourself or eat on the farm. 1. Contemplate Dai Yem waterfall

Dai Yem waterfall in Moc Chau

Dai Yem waterfall is the ideal place for those who are a big fan of nature. Another name for it is Nàng waterfall (lady waterfall) or Ban Vat waterfall. You can see the elegant and winding of the waterfall from the far distance, it looks like this waterfall is cutting Moc Chau according to horizontal direction. May is the best time to visit here as you can see the flow of water falling from the 70m high down which is extremely gorgeous. 4. Visit pine forest in Áng village

Pine forest in Áng village – Moc Chau

This is the wonderful place for those who like the freedom as they can enjoy airy and open space. Coming to Ang village, you can watch traditional stilt houses with hundred years old and bushy green pine forest. Additionally, man-made lakes with clean blue water are super splendid which appears to a lot of visitors to come. Visiting the pine forest in Ang village, you will have the feeling that you are taking for a walk in the pine forest in Da Lat, that is the reason why people say that Moc Chau is Da Lat of the Northwest region in Vietnam. The road leads you into Ang village is the endless terraced fields, therefore if you go here in May, you will see Ang village in its yellow color of ripe rice fields on the spacious terraced fields.



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Ha Giang is super splendid in September!

Ha Giang is super splendid in September! If we often see Ha Giang romantic in November with the beauty of Buckwheat, we will see Ha Giang covers itself with yellow coat of endless terraced fields all over the mountains in September!

When the September comes, the atmosphere in Ha Giang is full of fragrant aroma of ripe yellow rice fields. At this time, Dong Van Plateau has a chance to cover its. lf with an eye catching yellow mixed green color coat. The image of the rice plants are already inear is swinging under sunshine and in a gentle breeze which announces people a favorable and productive harvest has come. During this time, Ha Giang attracts a lot of tourists to visit and discover the stunning scenery. Tourists visit Ha Giang in September will get interesting feelings as you can come into a world of a giant brocade picture which is created sophisticatedly and skillfully by the local people. The people here are mainly the ethnic groups such as: Tay, Nung, Dao, H’mong…their agriculture activities are mainly on terraced fields because of the dipped terrain.

Located 110km far away from the city center to the west, Hoang Su Phi is an attractive destination for visitors to come every harvest time. Coming to Hoang Su Phi in September, you can contemplate a picturesque view changing from bright yellow into golden yellow which inform an abundant harvest. You can come here and enjoy the beauty of terraced fields in Ho Thau, Nam Ty, Thong Nguyen, Ban Phung communes in Ha Giang. Apart from the golden rice field in Hoàng Su Phì, you cần choose many different types of travel in Hà Giang in September thẹn you can see the sunset on the rice paddy in Quan Ba, see the sunrise in Xin Man or Meo Vac or pack your bag and visit the green Nho Que river from the high. Besides, you can check the local market out which is a regular activity of the local people here. So what are you still waiting for? Let’s hit the road with Hanoi Travel Bus to discover amazing places in Ha Giang where is called the Vietnam's northernmost point.

Additionally, you can also get to experience many tourist attractions in Ha Giang like conquering Lung Cu Flag tower or Ma Pi Leng Pass.

Lung Cu flag tower

Not only can you discover Ha Giang’s spectacular landscapes, you can also enjoy the special cuisine with traditional dishes here like Pho Chua (sour noodle), lon cap nach nuong than (grilled pork), mat ong bac ha (mint honey), baanh cuon pho co Dong Van, stuffed pancake in Dong Van ancient street or cơm lam Bac Me (rice are put on bamboo tube and grill on the fire or boil).



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Traveling to Mai Chau? Why is it so appealing?

Traveling to Mai Chau? Why is it so appealing?

Being a small district in Hoa Binh province, Mai Chau is well-known as a developed community – based tourism model and one of the most attractive destinations of Hoa Binh province, one of the places that you cannot miss in your journey of discovering Northwest Vietnam.

The special thing is that it is only 150km from Hanoi to Mai Chau with 3 hours by bus which completely fits short few day trips. Currently the route Hanoi – Mai Chau have been repaired, so it is very convenient for traveling as you don’t need to worry about bump roads or rocks on the roads. So why it is so attractive? Let’s finger out with Hanoi Travel Bus!

Thung Khe Pass –  North Europe Hill

The first destination which are highly worth visiting when tourists come to Mai Chau is Thung Khe Pass where is considered as North Europe Hill because of its Europe scenery in the winter, you can contemplate white Mountains surrounded by fog. From the top of the Pass you can see the whole Northwest area, it looks like a paradise on the ground. So don’t forget to take as many pictures as you can!

Lác village

There are hundred 700 years old Stilt Houses in this village. You can see Lac village is the combination of traditional style and modern style and this is the very village that has the longest history, the most popular and gorgeous village in Mai Chau. The population here are mainly the Thai ethnic group who are very enthusiastic, welcoming, they welcome tourists at all time by happy smiles on the faces and by traditional dishes that make every visitors come here hard to forget.

Áng village

If Lac village is famous for hundreds years old Stilt houses, Áng village appears to tourists by its own beauty which is the endless pine forests and small traditional styled stilt houses behind green tree shades. It is hard to make you forget by its spectacular landscapes as well as the simple living styles of Thai people living here. If you want to discover the Thai people’s living style, their customs with plain country people, we recommend you to visit this place.

Chieu cave

Chieu cave is a place that fits those who want to challenge their consistency and patience. Chieu cave is a famous tourist attraction of Mai Chau where you have to conquer 1200 stone stairs in order to reach the cave mouth. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the sparkling stalagmite in the cave, it looks like a paradise. This is also the ideal place where you can see the whole view of Mai Chau. After discovering mysterious Mai Chau, you should visit Moc Chau because Moc Chau is near Mai Chau and Moc Chau also has many stunning things for you to contemplate. So don’t miss Moc Chau! Therefore, to have a safe, economical and convenient trip, please call us: +841697013878 for more details about schedules, cars and the trips, or visit our website: https://hanoitravelbus.com/



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Where shall we go in this colorful May?

Where should we visit in this colorful May? If you are wondering where you should travel in this colorful May, you should check it out with some of the following amazing destinations with economical money but you still have interesting and meaningful experiences. Having one day when you have just reached your office and a load of work is waiting for you: email form customers, new projects, or your colleague ask you to help or you have to take your children to school…. You are under a lot of pressure, and your head wants to explode, you desire to go to some peaceful places where there is no deadline, no pressure…. But the thing is that you don’t know where? Where can you visit without costing a lot of money… If you are in this situation, you need to check the following places out in order to choose the best trips for yourself.

Co To Island

Located in Quang Ninh province, Co To Island is a picturesque island which has just beautified and it still has its own natural features. If you are in Sai Gon or Southern provinces, you can buy the cheap round-trip ticket Sai Gon – Hanoi with only 1-1.5 million vnd (including tax and ticket price). If you already have plan for your travel, you can definitely hunt cheap tickets for yourself. It will take you 3 hours to get to Van Don – Quang Ninh by bus, with the price of 170 – 200.000vnd/ single trip. Here, you only have to pay 130.000vnd to get to Co To island by ship. You can contemplate stunning view with long yellow sandy beaches, sparkling rocks and clean blue water, just like in the legend. Therefore, don’t miss your chances to see the sunrise at dawn on the beach from the lighthouse. Additionally, you can go fishing with fisherman at night, catching fish, crap, shrimp, cuttle – fish. There is one thing for sure that you will completely have memorable experiences on this gorgeous Island.

Phu Quoc Island

It is easy to buy a cheap ticket to travel to Phu Quoc in the traveling time. Let’s take this advantage in order to get an economical and exciting trip to Phu Quoc Island. Phu Quoc is an ideal place for tourists to visit not only in the summer. To save money, you shouldn’t go on some occasions like Tet holiday or special occasions as the fee for eating is pretty high these days. However it will be good when you go in a group or a tour.

Traveling to the West of Vietnam

Traveling to places in the Western Vietnam has been attracting a lot of visitors with many interesting experiences like going on the boat, enjoying special cuisine here. It is going to be very easy if you are in the South, but it is not that difficult if you are in the North and you the how to get there with the right ways. You can hunt plane ticket for free or you only have to pay from 1.3 million vnd to 1.6 million vnd/ round-ticket from Hanoi to Can Tho.

When you reach Can Tho, you should visit Cai Rang float market to see how dynamic the market is, there are a lot of products for you to buy and to see.

It only takes 1 hour by bus to go to every worth visiting destinations in the West, you yourself can collect delicious coconuts from the tree or go to visit Tram Chim national park or Tra Su forest in An Giang province.

Ninh Thuan

When it comes to Ninh Thuan, people usually think of Cham Tower, Nam Cuong sandy hill, eye – catching grapes garden or wildlife beach where people seldom visit. If you go from HCM, it will take about 4 hours by bus or motorbike to get to Ninh Thuan, and you should stop in An Giang to see Cham Tower which is an unforgettable place that you should visit when you visit Ninh Thuan.

13 km far away from Phan Rang city center is Nam Cuong sandy hill, you can go to this place to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere with its own unique and distinctive beauty of yellow hills. Apart from that there are still many places for you to discover such as: grapes garden, Bau Truc pottery village or wild beaches.



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5 easy and safe ways of transferring from Hanoi to Sapa!

5 easy and safe ways of transferring from Hanoi to Sapa!

Traveling without worrying about transportation with the 5 following ways to move from Ha Noi to Sa Pa!

You are in Ha Noi and you still don’t know how to go to Sapa. You will definitely have the answers with 5 means of transport bellow:


With the cheap price (about 150,000 VND for gasoline) with the distance of 400 km, motorbike has been the most convenient mean of transport for many youngsters, especially backpackers. You can freely conquer spectacular roads; take beautiful photos on the ways.

To help you have a good trip, Hanoi Travel Bus suggests you choosing one out of the following routes:

  • Go according to the Lai Chau direction:

Schedule: Ha Noi – Hoa Lac – Son Tay – Thanh Son – Highway32 – Sapa (more than 420 km)

  • Go according to the Laos Cai direction:

Option 1: Ha Noi – Vinh Phuc – Viet Tri – Phong Chau – Doan Hung – Yen Bai -Lao Cai – Sa Pa ( about 360 km)

Option 2: Ha Noi – Hoa Lac – Son Tay  – Trung Ha Bridge – Phong Chau – Doan Hung – Highway 70 – Lao Cai – Sa Pa ( Total 370km)

>>> Note: Before leaving, you should have a look at the time, weather, avoid rainy seasons to make sure that you are healthy and safe during the trip. In order to go about 400km by motorbike, you are required to have a good health.


Most of the tourists chose Train as the main mean of transport to go to Sapa in the past because of its cheap price and safety on the ways as the traveling time between car and train are the same. However, this thing has changed as soon as the Lao Cia Highway was built. Of course, for those who want to travel with a comfortable space can consider the following information:

There are 2 types of trains: SP (fast ) and LC ( slow ), depart from Ha station in the evening (19h – 22h) and arrive Lao Cai Station in the early morning (5am – 7am). You can choose to the soft chairs (about 280,000 VND / guest), hard chairs (150,000 VND / guest) sleeping chairs with air-conditioner. The price ticket for sleeping chairs in 2017 was cheaper than about 400,000 VND departs from Hanoi.

However, in order to come to Sapa town, you need to take one more bus with 50.000 vnd/ guest.


It will take only 4 hours (compare to train) to get to Sapa if you choose bus. The price of sleeping bus is about 230.000vnd/ person/ single trip, depart from My Dinh or Gia Lam station. The bus will go straight to Sapa without stopping on the way.

However, if you are car-sick, it will be quite difficult when you travel as the time for waiting guests is quite long and you might have to change the bus when there are not many guests on a bus.


With modern equipment, comfortable space and reasonable price, Limousine is everybody’s favorite car to go to Sapa. At the moment, Limousine Hanoi – sapa – Hanoi has 9 seats with 320.000vnd – 400.000 vnd/ guests.

The drawback is that the number of Limousine is limited, so the travel agency runs out of tickets very soon, especially in the weekend.


Being fast and convenient are strong points of transferring by Taxi o get to Sapa. It only takes about 3 hours, so that you can freely stop on the way, contemplate stunning view on the way. However, the cost is quite high if you choose Taxi.

These are 5 ways of traveling from Hanoi to Sapa, Hanoi Travel Bus hopes that you are able to choose a suitable mean to get to Sapa.

Hope you guys have a happy and safe trip.



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How to make sure that you travel safely from after you land?

Whenever you travel to a far and distant place, there are some things that dominate our traveling plans. Things such as where to stay, how to travel and what kind of currency to take are some of the most important and biggest concerns.

Whether traveling with a group of people or separately, you will need to consider the basic living and transport options beforehand.

Obviously, travelling to a different land is hard, and it is actually even harder on you if you have no idea where you want to stay. As in, you should have an idea about how you will travel in the new country and where you will stay at least. Here is how you can plan ahead and save yourself the trouble when you land:

Research, research well: You will be required to research the area you will land. Be it the capital of the country or any other place, make sure you know your way. It would be better for you if you could find out about the transport services before you embark on your trip. In this way, you will be able to book your ride before you get there.

The general currency: Most people are fooled easily only because they are not aware of the currency and how the currency in the new country works. Read about the place, make sure you have your mind set on how much you will be spending on the ride. In places like Vietnam, the locals are hell-bent on taking undue advantage of the patrons, so be ready to haggle.

Airport transport: Whenever you embark on any journey, make sure that you have two things ready. One is the place to stay, and the other is how to travel. Most of the times the place you stay at will provide you transport, but make sure that you inquire about it first.

If they do not, look for bus service or some other kind of service that will help you get from the airport to the place you are staying. If Vietnam is the place you are visiting, you should consider hiring the Hanoi Transport for transportation from Hanoi airport to your place of accommodation.

Compare: One thing that most of us forget in the heat of the moment is what other places in the country offer us? When we travel, we are so mesmerized that we mostly jump at the first deal. No matter how tempting it is, remember to check what other establishments have to offer and get what you need by comparing the prices.

While travelling to a new place, always remember to get your belongings together and travel light, to keep yourself from worrying too much about your luggage. Next, remember to learn the local language. Learn the common phrases of the area and practice in advance to avoid being cheated while you are there.