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Enjoy a Luxurious Trip from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter

The journey from Hanoi airport to the Old Quarter is one of those trips you will remember for lifetime. Old Quarter is one of those places bustling with life and the ancient atmosphere that prevails in this part provides you with a cultural extravaganza all the way through. There is a variety of transportation that you can take from the airport but make sure that you will enjoy the trip and luxury on the whole. What are the options available when you are making a trip to the Old Quarter? Read the points below.

  • Taxi

You will get a variety of cabs from the airport but do not forget to check and compare the rates at first before arriving at a decision. The driver can charge you more if you are traveling to this part of the world for the first time. If you are keen to get a more reasonable rate, you can start with deep research before traveling to this location. With the world becoming mobile-friendly, you can search for local taxis that are available. Some of the famous taxi brands are available from the airport and you can check the rates to find out if it is suitable. From Hanoi airport to old quarter, you will absorb some the essence of being in Vietnam when you pick the right mode of transport.

  • Airline shuttle bus

To make the trip endearing in the real sense, you can take the shuttle bus from the airport if you are ready to forego the comfort level. Even though it is a shuttle operation, you have still got to check the rates and know the revised prices of the tickets. Check the platforms from which you can get these buses and collect information about the departure times for those trips that will take you to Old Quarter. Regardless of the amount of luxury you have compromised, you will get the opportunity to travel to your destination quickly once you board the bus.

  • Private cars

For the ultimate luxury, traveling in grand private vehicles can leave you with a feeling of satisfaction that you will enjoy forever. Depending on the model you choose and the number of people traveling together, you must try to focus on the base rates. There is variety of private and luxurious vehicles with chauffeurs waiting to welcome you at the airport. From business class sedan to mini vans in which you can travel with your family in a group of six. To avail the classiest mode of transport from Hanoi airport to old quarter you can get in touch with Hanoi Travel Bus to discover the ultimate. You can ask questions to the service provider to get the clarifications necessary for experiencing complete satisfaction during the trip.

Confirm the pickup points

Whether you plan to move to Old Quarter in a minivan, luxury car, shuttle bus or public bus, you must try to confirm the pickup points as early as possible. You must also try to find out more about the availability of support on the road during this trip and the capacity of the vehicle when it comes to carrying luggage. Communicating with the service agency before the start of the trip will allow you travel in the choicest manner.

Shall we take a trip to Quan Lan Beach in Quang Ninh? 

Shall we take a trip to Quan Lan Beach in Quang Ninh? 

I have been working in the travel industry field for a long time, also visiting many places so I often ask my friends places to visit with my family. Like every day, this morning I received a call from my friend, he asked me how Quan Lan island is, should he go or not? So, by the way, Hanoi travel bus would like to share with you guys about Quan Lan Island in Quang Ninh.

First of all, Quan Lan Island is the outermost island of the Northern Gulf, including Quan Lan and Minh Chau communes of Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province. This is an island located in Bai Tu Long Bay, in the north of our country which has a relatively small area.

To go to Quan Lan Island, you can take the express boat or normal train with different prices and different services, depending on your own financial conditions, so you can choose vehicles for yourself.

When it comes to the scenery, Quan Lan Island is famous for its beautiful scenery, including forest and sea. On Quan Lan island, Son Hao is the most beautiful beach of the island, and also the most pristine beach in the northern of our country. Son Hoa beach has not exploited yet, so it still preserves the natural beauty that nature offers.

Son Hoa beach has a dreamy landscape with lush green flying in the wind, with blue sea water in the interrupter and white sand beach, the waves pushing into the white foam floating coast. The next island is Quan Lan beach, which is stretched beach with wide sandy beach, located near the center so it attracts quite a lot of tourists to come over. The third is Minh Chau beach, which owns a semi-circular sandy beach with mild wind, clear blue water as well as peaceful space.

Visiting the sea, you should not miss the sunrise or sunset, because it is really a stunning and immense feature of the sea. At the same time, Quan Lan Island also has a forest of over a hundred years old which shades and brings the original beauty, grandeur of creativity.

Quan Lan Island is not only well-known for beautiful scenery, but also a place to store and prove the spiritual beauty of the Vietnamese people with populations of temples, pagodas, temples, … all of these are full of ancient and spiritual mysterious. 

In addition to the spectacular scenery and monuments, you can also experience the real life of the people on the island like using fishing net, squid fishing, snail digging, digging, etc. together with the people on the island. If you are bored, you can ride a bike or ride a motorbike around the island to find out their life. It will be an enjoyable and memorable experience for this summer vacation.

After getting tired, you can treat yourself or your family a delicious meal with fresh seafood which is processed meticulously, elaborately or you yourself can process it in your own ways.

From those above information, I think, Quan Lan Island is a worth spending money and time-consuming to have a fully discovery. Quan Lan brings peace and serenity, gentle pace, slow pace and warm heart of the gentle islanders. The landscape of the island is attached to the forest, with the sea, with spiritual features… all blend together has created a unique island.

So, what are you still waiting for? Let’s go to Quan Lan to explore its beauty. Hanoi travel bus wishes you have a fun trip!



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Luxury Van – Limousine (9 pax)


Car type

Ford Transit
Pick up Free 60 minutes wait time for airport pickups, 15 mins for all others
Cancelation Free cancellation up until 3 hour before pickup

Transportation capacity

Passengers max : 9

Luggage max : 9

Price (USD / Car)

Duration Route standard class - airport transfer

Standard Sedan (3 – 4 Pax)

Premium Sedan (3 – 4 Pax)

First Class Sedan

Mini Van (5 -6 pax )

Mini Van – Ford Transit (11 Pax)

Luxury Van – Limousine (9 pax)

30kms Nội Bài Aiport – Old Quater 15  16  25 50
3 hours Hanoi – Halong Bay 70     75 105 190
5 hours Hanoi – Sapa (town) 160      175  190  215
3 hours Hanoi – Mai Chau 75      80  100  
3 hours Hanoi – Cat Ba island (town) 100      110  150  
2.5 hours Hanoi – Hoa lu , Tam Cốc 75      80  100  
4 hours Mai Chau – Ninh Binh 80      90  100  
 3 hours Cat Ba island – Ninh Binh (inluded ferry )  100      110  150  
 3 hours  Hai Phong – Ninh Binh  75      80  130  

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What are good restaurants in Quang Ninh?

What are good restaurants in Quang Ninh?

What have impressed you when traveling is not only about the wonderful landscapes, the people, the culture but also the cuisine, one of the indispensable parts in your trips. Coming to Quang Ninh, not only are you attracted by spectacular scenery, but you are also blown away by good restaurants in here, so you should not miss the following restaurants in Quang Ninh.

  1. 1958 Restaurant

This is one of the restaurants that focus on traditional Vietnamese dishes, especially the cuisine of the North. The restaurant is located in Ngoc Chau, Tuan Chau, Ha Long. This is one of the newest restaurants in Tuan Chau. Although the restaurant does not have a very large space, it is very cozy, elegant, the dining room is beautifully decorated, it is near the beach, so it is very cool. The main dishes that the restaurant offers are fresh seafood, with delicious flavor of the sea. Moreover, this restaurant has a professional staff team who serve quite fast, they are always united, assigned work clearly, always enthusiastic and responsive to the requirements of customers.

  1. Linh Dan Restaurant

When it comes to Linh Dan restaurant, you will know this is a cheap restaurant but attracts a lot of visitors. Located at 104, Bai Chay, Halong, it is located right in the center; this is a very convenient location, nice view overlooking the bay, creating cool feeling, clean for tourists. At Linh Dan Restaurant you will enjoy a wide variety of dishes, which are all good food, fresh seafood with affordable prices in the restaurant; therefore it is highly appreciated by many visitors. This is one of the cheap and good restaurants in Quang Ninh. In addition, the restaurant is also suitable for organizing birthday, meeting with friends or partners.

  1. Cua Vang restaurant (Golden Crab restaurant)

This is one of the famous restaurants in Halong City, with its location right in Bai Chay, Tuan Chau, so customers can find it easily. With such a convenient location, the restaurant has created a very nice view; customers can enjoy the food and contemplate the panoramic view of Halong Bay. When it comes to the Golden Crab Restaurant, you can see fresh and rich seafood, always satisfying customers.

This is considered a comfortable and luxurious restaurant, not only is it suitable for eating family, gathering friends, festivals but it is also suitable for reception guests, diplomats. With a young, enthusiastic staff, attentive service, the chef process food quickly, so you will definitely not be disappointed when coming here.

  1. Vinh Cat Restaurant (Sandy Bay restaurant)

This is a worth visiting restaurant in Tuan Chau which is specializing in pizzas and prepared by an Italian chef, is highly appreciated. Located in Ngoc Chau Street, Tuan Chau, therefore tourists can see a blue beach, a white sand and far away is the bridge over two sand dunes that create a very poetic, beautiful view. The food in the restaurant is quite delicious, there are many dishes cooked in the western style and especially Pizza is baked by wood stove, so it has created a characteristic, a distinct taste. With the fresh seafood, the Pizza flavor, and tasty dishes with the reasonable price, this is a good restaurant you should give it a try.

  1. Hong Hanh restaurant

Hanh Hanh is one of famous restaurants in Ha Long that is known by many people. It has a spacious space, cool and luxurious with fresh seafood, stunning dishes which carefully processed by a professional team of cooks as well as friendly and caring staff with quick working manner.  Although the price here is a bit higher than other restaurants, Hong Hanh is always worth trying when you come to Quảng Ninh.



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 Visiting Ninh Binh – the capital of Dai Co Viet

 Visiting Ninh Binh – the capital of Dai Co Viet

This is the land of history and culture, Ninh Binh is always an attractive destination that urges visitors to explore in which Hoa Lu’s capital is home to many monuments of palaces, temples, pagodas and tombs of high historical and cultural value and also attracts large numbers of domestic as well as international visitors come to visit Ninh Binh every year.

  1. The birth of Hoa Lu capital

According to history books, Hoa Lu ancient capital and Dinh King’s parallel sentences, we find that: Hoa Lu old is a magnificent palace, just as beautiful as Truong An “Co Viet Quoc Duong Tong Khai Bao – Hoa Lu Do Thi Han Truong An… . Geographically, you will understand why when you go to King Dinh Tien Hoang to choose Hoa Lu as the capital because: the mountains spread around the capital as the screen; The Hoang Long River meandering and rice fields Nho Quan, Gia Vien vast natural trenches are very favorable military. Hoa Lu with rocky mountain ranges, rivers around, as a solid trench is very convenient for defense and fighting. Hoa Lu is south of Ngu Mountain, forming a solid wall. The west is protected by the Truong Yen. The north is Hoang Long River. A tributary of the Hoang Long River flows through the Bo River to Hoa Lu Cave – the first base of Dinh Bo Linh.

2. Structure

Over the past ten centuries, the historical relics in Hoa Lu ancient capital are almost destroyed. The remaining temples of King Dinh and King Le Temple were built in the 17th century on the foundations of old palaces, which are considered two of the most important, unique and typical relics. From the entrance gate, King Dinh Tien Hoang Temple is located on the left hand side, while King Le Dai Hanh Temple is located on the right hand side.

King Dinh Temple is located in Truong Yen Commune, Hoa Lu District, on a 5 hectare site, which is one of the important relics of the ancient ruins of Hoa Lu. Temple on the east, in front of the temple is Ma Yen Mountain. King Dinh Temple is built on the ancient palace, built in the style of internal, foreign. Architectural works posted along the main road. The names are named after the old palace.

About the main architecture, the most important part of the Temple of King Dinh Tien Hoang is BaiDuong tower, parallel to the main palace is connected by a shrine to create the word Cong. The architectural framework of the temple is a system of wooden stilts that have been preserved since the 17th century, but the walls are closed, opening only the main door in front of the road leading to the courtyard. All the wooden columns are piled up on columns and stone thresholds about 60 cm high. These are the architectural remains of the Nguyen Dynasty in the 10th Thanh Thai.

Hoa Lu ancient capital is an architectural complex, and each of the architecture has its own characteristics, all of which make up the ancient and grandeur of ancient history. Historical vestiges still remain in the complex of rich and diverse relics, including the architecture of the walls, the citadel, caves, temples, tombs and many other valuable architectural works about history and culture.

3. Discover the relic of the King Dinh, the temple of Le King

Especially, there are still two relics of King Dinh and King Le. These are two monuments built around the 17th century with stone carving art which is extremely amazing and distinctive. The way to King Dinh Temple led visitors to go under the canopy of trees along the roadside.

People called Hoa Lu and the Temple of King Dinh, King Le also uses many materials from stone. For example, when entering the temple grounds, visitors will see the stone floor and two monks are also carved with monolithic green stone. In the harem, visitors will see the bronze statue of King Dinh dynasty on a green boulder.

The temple of Le King is 50m away from King Dinh Temple with the same structure. Locating 200m far away from the Temple of Le King is Nhat Tru Pogoda which was built under Le Dai Hanh King dynasty. Thể is a stone pillar with 4.16m height and eight sides made by the King to offer the Buddha. Locating right next to is the relic attached to the story of the third princess of King Dinh Tien Hoang jumped into the well of suicide rather than followed her husband to fight against his father. This temple worships her princess.

4. Transportation to Hoa Lu

Coming to Ninh Binh, you have a lot of means of transportation to travel such as motorbike for an enjoyable experience or passenger cars to avoid baking hot weather and severe sunshine. And Hanoi Travel Bus always brings you all the best services on your journey. So let’s contact us to get perfect trips!



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