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Beautiful Cat Ba asland in the eyes of tourists.

Beautiful Cat Ba island in the eyes of tourists.

Cat Ba is one of the famous islands in the North, not many islands like Ha Long Bay, but Cat Ba Island is still popular in the eyes of not only local people but also foreigners. It is famous for more than 367 large and small islands, of which  is the main island with an area of over 100 km2. Cat Ba has a wild beauty which attracts visitors from a rich and diverse tourist area including mountains, seas, forests, caves and pristine beaches. Hanoi Travel bus would like to share with you some extremely useful self-sufficient travel experience in Cat Ba island 2018. Let’s check it out!

How to go to Cat ba island/ Transportation in Cat Ba

hanoi to cat ba by private car

From Hanoi you can go by bus, motorbike or private car because this place is not too far away from Hanoi. You can go with your friends on a motorbike, to forget all the sadness and bore in life. However, be aware of the weather there if you plan to go by motorbike since it started getting hotter, better prepared ensures your health … Here are the instructions for travel. You can refer to:

+ Car: From Hanoi, you can go straight to Hai Phong city and ask for the way to Dinh Vu pier and then to Cat Hai ferry. The ferries usually run from 5 am to 5 pm, every 1 hour.

+Motorbike: If you travel by a motorbike, head to Hai Phong city and ask the way to Dinh Vu ferry. Crossing two terminals Dinh Vu – Ninh Tiep and Got – Cai Vieng,  you will get to Cat Ba island. (Dinh Vu ferries usually run from 6:30 am  to 5 pm) Ferries operate from 6 am to 6 pm with a frequency of 30mins. From the ferry to the center is about 20km, the road runs in the side of mountain and sea.

+ Bus: You can take the bus from Hanoi at Luong Yen – Hai Duong (road 5) and Hai Phong. Ticket prices range from 150.000vnđ – 250.000vnđ depending on the type of car and the needs of each person.

Or you can go to Hai Phong by train and then buy tickets at the pier to Cat Ba on a express train (Express train in the summer from 8 am to 1 pm each 2 hours )

Where to visit in Cat ba Island / What to do there?

Go swimming

Where should we go in Cat Ba island? If your main purpose is to go swimming, you should visit the famous beaches of Cat Ba including Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, Cat Co 3 in which Cat Co 1 is the most crowded. The beach is about 1km away from the town center. You can take an electricity car for about 10.000vnđ/person.

Alternatively,  you can go swimming on the sandy beaches in Lan Ha Bay (Van Boi Beach) or go swimming in clear and not crowded Monkey Island.

Have a look at Cat Ba island from the fortress

If you travel to Cat Ba island, the good advice is to go to the fortress, it is a high hill overlooking the town, Lan Ha bay, Cat Ba national forest, Monkey island …You can see all the view through telescope located there.

The famous attractions in Cat Ba should be the fortress. This is the place where the mighty fortress of the Vietnamese army was built, now it is built as a traditional home for the war memorials. To visit the fortress ticket is 60.000vnđ / person if  you do not want to climb you can rent motorbike taxi for about 15.000vnđ/person.

Visit Lan Ha bay

Located in the south of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay is like the miniature Ha Long Bay. In the bay there are sandy beaches with the rocky mountains, where you can go by boat. Especially, there is Van Gia floating village in the bay, where local people are living at, you can also visit the Monkey Island and go swimming in Lan Ha bay.

If you visit Monkey Island, there are a lot of funny and mischievous monkeys are always welcome you. Before getting to the island you have to go through a sea about 2km. There is a beautiful sand beach named Cat Dua with beautiful mountain ranges.

Snorkeling on the coral reef

That would be great experience if you can dive to see the beautiful scenery, there are ranges of reefs with many kinds of seafood, colorful fishs deep under the sea, … The price of diving with coaches is around 1 million for 30 minute using breathing tube.

Cruise in the evening

The one interesting thing in Cat Ba island is the sea walk in the evening, you can rent motorbikes, bikes or electricity car for cruising at night here. Or stroll along the mountain roads connecting three main beaches to feel fresh clean air. Squid fishing at night is also very interesting, however the cost of squid fishing is about 500.000vnđ / person.

Cat Ba national park

It is a biosphere reserve in the world, Cat Ba National Park with abundant and pristine vegetation became attractive tourist spots in Cat Ba. Here you can ride the bike to see the scenery of beautiful mountains and forests, watch the animals such as monkeys, goats … Go to Cat Ba National Park you will also taste natural products such as forest honey, red tea.

Or visit caves.

Da Hoa Cave in the North East is a famous spot with wildlife, including the fascinating cave system: Trung Trang cave (in Trung Trang valley, 15 km northwest of Cat Ba) , Quan Y cave… with beautiful stalactites.

Or you can go fishing, squid fishing at night. It is also enjoyable experience for your trip. At night you can take a stroll around the town center, drink coffee. The price is 500.000vnđ / boat for 6 people. Do not hesitate to contact Hanoi Travel bus to help you have a useful trip this summer!



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