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Ha Giang is a destination with great beauty and familiar with many tourists, Ha Giang has been known. If you intend to visit the final frontier in northern Vietnam, there are some useful information about Ha Giang.

Visitors to Ha Giang can admire the majestic landscape of the North Pole of Vietnam. Ha Giang is beautiful in every season. With vast terraced fields and roads leading to the sky, Ha Giang is a destination so beautiful that can not be ignored.

Tourist attractions in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is most visited in the season of buckwheat flowers. Ha Giang is worth to conquer in every season.Ha Giang also has 10 majestic wonders, among them the most tourist attractions are the Dong Van Stone Plateau, the H’mong King’s Palace, the Lung Cu flag tower and the Happiness Road.

Dong Van Stone Plateau

Dong Van Stone Plateau is prominent for its scene of grey stone.Ha Giang is also one of the lands of most ancient rocks in the world, so that Dong Van Stone Plateau has become UNESCO Global Geopark in December 2010.

Dong Van Stone Plateau
Dong Van Stone Plateau

The H’mong King’s Palace – The jewel in the middle of the plateau

The H’mong King’s Palace is considered a jewel in the middle of the stone plateau. The beautiful palace is surrounded by rows of trees and is well-preserved throughout history and weather. It contains a fascinating historical story.

The H'mong King's Palace - Ha Giang
The H’mong King’s Palace

The H’mong King’s Palace is like a jewel in the middle of the stone plateau.

The construction of H’Mong King’s Palace was started in 1019 and completed 10 years later with total funding up to Indochina silver coins equivalent to VND 150 billion(USD 6.61 million).

Lung Cu Flag Tower

The third major attraction in Ha Giang is Lung Cu Flag Tower. It’s the place which is the first line of Vietnam on the world’s map.

Lung Cu Flag Tower
Lung Cu Flag Tower

Lung Cu Flag Tower is located on the Lung Cu summit. To get to the flag tower – the northernmost point of the country, you will have to climb 389 stone steps and 140spiral stairs. Here you will see a54m2 Vietnamese flag– a metaphor of ethnic groups in Vietnam (54 is the number of ethnic groups in Vietnam).

The Happiness Road

The fourth attraction is the Happiness Road –“the path of blood and flowers”. This 200-kilometer-length road was constructed by ten thousands of young volunteers from 16 ethnic groups of the 8 northern provinces of Vietnam in 6 years (1959-1965).

Happiness Road - Ha Giang
Happiness Road

The Happiness Road is the connection between Ha Giang and other provinces in Vietnam. Ha Giang is no longer isolated as before, and local people’s lives are gradually growing. It’s also the effort, the blood and lives of many young volunteers.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng is a favorite destination for backpackers. Ma Pi Leng is unofficially known as one of the “four great passes” in the mountainous region of the northern Vietnam, beside O Quy Ho Pass, Khau Pha Pass and Pha Din Pass.

Ma Pi Leng Pass - Ha Giang
Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng means “Horse’s nasal bridge” literally in Madarin Chinese. It’s a metaphorical name which refers to the great danger of the top of the mountain. It’s so difficult and dangerous that horses coming must run out of breath. However, according to some indigenous H’Mong people, the proper name of the pass is Mao Pi Leng, meaning “cat’s nasal bridge”.

However, unfortunately the pass was “concretized”. And although the surrounding landscape is still very majestic, the features of the pass is no longer the same as before.

Dong Van Ancient Town

Besides Hoi An ancient town and Hanoi old quarters in Vietnam, Vietnam also has Dong Van ancient town.Dong Van ancient town lies in the middle of the valley surrounded by mountains. The old town has only 40 houses located on the foot of the mountain.

Dong Van Ancient Town - Ha Giang
Dong Van Ancient Town

Co Tien Double Mountain

Located in the middle of rocky mountains, the Double Mountain looks like the beautiful breasts of a girl which will make visitors surprised by the beauty of nature.

Co Tien Double Mountain
Co Tien Double Mountain

Lung Cam Cultural Village

Lung Cam cultural village attracts many photographers, film makers.

Terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi

The ethnic minorities in Hoang Su Phi have turnt the mountains into gorgeous terraced fields for hundreds of years. The terraced fields are the livehood of local people.

Terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi
Terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi

Lung Tam brocade weaving village

Lung Tam village is a commune nestled amongst the rocky mountains surrounded by thick clouds. It is home to the H’Mong ethnic group, famous for its flax weaving, indigo dyeing and beeswax painting.

Best times to visit Ha Giang

Some backpackers come to Ha Giang to admire the pinky fields of buckwheat flowers.

Ha Giang’s scenery is the most wonderful in spring when visitors can see the peach blossom, plum blossom and cauliflower on the majestic stone plateau of Dong Van.

Everyday, the indigenous people carries the heavy soil to the stone plateau to fill it in the “cat ear-shaped” stones. With just a little soil, they can grow corn. In the spring, they plant buckwheat flowers into the these stones. And in spring, the flowers grow from the stones.

Peach blossom, plum blossom, yellow broccoli in January

Yellow broccoli flowers in Ha Giang
The gray stone valley is adorned by yellow broccoli flowers in Ha Giang

When spring arrives, everywhere in Ha Giang are colorful with peach, plum and broccoli flowers blooming on grey stone of the plateau.

Khau Vai Love Market in April

Every March 27th of lunar calendar, the people in Ha Giang wear their traditional costumes and join in Khau Vai Love Market.

Khau Vai Love Market
Khau Vai Love Market

Water pouring season in May

During the water pouring season, the terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi is very attractive with shining yellow color. You will be satisfied to enjoy the spectacular natural scenery.

Water pouring season in Ha Giang
Water pouring season

Harvest season in September and October

The ripening season usually begins in late September and early October. When the terraced rice fields turn yellow, the magnificent scenery of the mountain appears to be charming.

Harvest season in Ha Giang
Harvest season in Ha Giang

Buckwheat flower season in November

Visiting Ha Giang in November, you will see the pinky field of buckwheat flower – the typical flower of Dong Van stone plateau in particular and Ha Giang Province in general. The romantic buckwheat flower field with tiny flowers of pink and purple color attracts tourists who love flowers and flowery photography.

Buckwheat flower field in Ha Giang
Buckwheat flower field in Ha Giang

Ha Giang’s buckwheat flower field  has become a brand for this beautiful and vivacious destination

In the middle of the scene of the gray stone, the pink flowers bring the romantic and magical ambiance to the plateau.

Snow in December

At the end of December, many places in Ha Giang Province such as Meo Vac district, Dong Van stone plateau are snowy; it’s the perfect time to admire snowfall.

What to eat in Ha Giang

Dong Van rolled rice cake

Dong Van rolled rice cake – Ha Giang is a unique dish, different from other specialties in Ha Giang. This is the food that tourists often choose for breakfast when traveling to Ha Giang.

Thắng dền

Once you come to Meo Vac – Ha Giang, you shouldn’t miss to taste the thắng dền cake. Thắng dền is made from glutinous rice flour. The cake is eaten with mixture of sugar, coconut milk, ginger and fried peanuts.

Com lam Bac Me (rice in bamboo tube)

Com Lam Bac Me is a delicious traditional food and a popular dish of many ethnic minorities in the Northwest of Vietnam. Com Lam is made from glutinous rice, then baked in a long bamboo tube. Rice in bamboo tube has aromatic and sweet taste. Visitors to Ha Giang not only enjoy it but many has also brought it home as gift for their family and friends.

Com lam Bac Me

Seedless Persimmon

Seedless persimmon are grown in the district of Quan Ba – Ha Giang so local people call it Quan Ba Persimmon. Seedless persimmon are only available in autumn and winter, from August to November every year. It’s a natural gift of Ha Giang.

Seedless Persimmon of Ha Giang
Seedless Persimmon

Cam sanh (King Orange)

Talking about Ha Giang, many Vietnamese will remember its specialty fruit: cam sanh. This kind of orange  in Ha Giang has a pleasant aroma, cool taste and contains a lot of vitamins necessary for the body. King Orange is harvested around November, December.

King Orange Ha Giang
Cam sanh (King Orange)

Hanged armpit pork

Hanged armpit pork are famous specialty of Ha Giang. This kind of pork is really delicious that every tourist wants to try when visiting Ha Giang. Pigs kept in armpit is small and raised on grazing way which is considered a unique way of raising pigs of ethnic minority in Ha Giang. When the pigs are mature, local people keep pigs in their armpit to go to the market and sell them. That’ why it’s called hanged armpit pork.

Shan Tuyet Tea

Shan Tuyet Tea is grown in many districts of Ha Giang, many places have ancient San Tuyet tea trees with height range from 300m to 1000m. Anyone who has ever tasted Shan Tuyet tea of Ha Giang can hardly forget their delicious taste. This type of tea is clean and good because local people use natural remedies to grow them so there are no toxic chemicals. Shan Tuyet tea trees are harvested 4 crops in a year so whenever visitors to Ha Giang can enjoy the Shan Tuyet tea.

Ha Giang Shan Tuyet Tea
Shan Tuyet Tea

Mint honey

People in four mountainous districts of Dong Van, Meo Vac, Yen Minh and Quan Ba do bee farming on mint fields. This mint honey has been known for its remarkable qualitythroughtout the country.

Ha Giang mint honey
Mint honey

The mint honey has a sweet taste, mild and have good effect on human health. It is a popular medicine for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Black chicken

Black chicken is usually stewed with Chinese traditional herbal medicine, mushroom and ginseng. It can be served as meals or as medicine for sick people.

Chinese traditional herbal medicine
Chinese traditional herbal medicine

Best accommodations in Ha Giang

Cao Nguyen Da Hotel

Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Tel: 02193856868; Hotline: 0944502020

Thao Nguyen Hotel  

Address: Group 3, Yen Minh Town, Ha Giang Tel: 0219 3852297 Email: danminhtuan2013@gmail.com

Hoang Ngoc Hotel  

Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Tel: 0219 3856020/857; Hotline: 0915035141 Email: hoangngochotel2@gmail.com  

Golden Stone Hotel

Address: SN 65E Nguyen Thai Hoc, Group 10, Minh Khai, Ha Giang Tel: 0219 3888745; Hotline: 0978119514 – 01278471588 Email: khachsandavang@gmail.com

Hoa Cuong Hotel

Address: Meo Vac Town, Meo Vac District, Ha Giang Tel: 0219 3871888 Email: quyen150879@gmail.com Number of rooms: 28

Hoang Anh Hotel

Address: Yet Kieu, Nguyen Trai Ward, Ha Giang Tel: 0219 3863559 Email: hagianghoanganhhotel@gmail.com Ha Giang – a land with beautiful natural scenery and amazing culture of ethnic minorities will be an ideal destination for your trip in Vietnam.